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A few weekends ago, I was back in my hometown Düsseldorf. On top of my to-do list was “drink a flat white at Toykio“. Why? A funny witty anecdote: When I was at the CoCities Conference in Berlin, I constantly looked through instagram and searched for pictures with the hashtag #cocities. I looked through the photos, found a picture by herr_e, I looked through his instagram timeline and found a photo of a delicious looking Flat White. I clicked on it and it said. “Picture taken at Toykio Cafe & Gallery.” I clicked on Toykio, because the combination of Cafe and Gallery sounded very interesting. And THEN I saw that this place is in Düsseldorf. I looked on their website and fell in love with it, instantly.

“After successful years as Online Shop, POP-UP Gallery experience on the Koenigsallee & Co., numerous Dinner Events and an intermezzo on the Muehlengasse – The guys from Toykio joined forces again and built up their new headquarter in the japanese district of Duesseldorf.
You will find the Creme de la Creme of the Urban Art Scene, Lowbrow Art, Pop-Surealism und Photography.
We will be showing Editions & Multiples of Artists like Banksy, JR, Mark Ryden, Shepard Fairey, Ricky Powell, Swoon & D*face – just to name a few.
Also shopping items like Print Editions, Designer Vinyl, Books and many more. And on top we are serving Flat White, housemaid Croissants & other delicious goodies. We have along way to go – looking forward to see you and hope that you’ll support & like us. :)”

Ok, let’s repeat: urban art, Flat White, fresh croissants… – Do I need to say more? I couldn’t wait to get there. So, on a beautiful Saturday morning I met a friend for a flat white at Toykio. The Cafe/Gallery is on the Immermannstraße in Düsseldorf, a street which is pretty famous for the big Japanese influence. There are a lot of Japanese restaurants, shops, hotels and such. (By the way, Düsseldorf has the biggest Japanese population in Germany.) And funny once again: I met herr_e there, he was drinking a coffee at Toykio as well. The world is pretty small, or not?

The store already looks nice from the outside. The windows were full of toys, cool designer toys, like Munnys and stuff by Mori Chuck and so on.

But the inside was even better, along the walls were amazing paintings and prints by famous (and for me infamous) urban artists. A gigantic wooden table, a corner with some sofas, books about art – all in all a cool atmosphere. The subtitle “A piece of heaven in the City” is true.
I talked to Ruby for a few minutes. He is the one of the guys who run Toykio, Ruby and Selim Varol, a famous collector of street art. (Selim Varol also runs the gallery Springmann.Varol in Düsseldorf, the gallery where I saw the herakut exhibition).

Ruby told me about some nice things, which are going to happen soon in Düsseldorf. Can’t say more than: stay focussed and don’t miss Toykio, if you happen to be in Düsseldorf.

For better photos, you should check out the ones at or at flickr.

The Flat White? Was delicious! And the sweets? Devilish good. No wonder, Ruby is a chef. He makes all the sweets in a bakery in Düsseldorf. Damn, I wish Toykio has a second venue in Hamburg.

And I found two art pieces, I would really like to call mine: E.T. and the Angel of Meat! Awesome!

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  • Ruby*

    Word ! I hope you put your details in our newsletter…the opening will be soon. Greetz from Duesseldorf..Team TOYKIO

  • Der Marc

    Ich dank dir so sehr für diesen Beitrag! Sieht klasse aus und ich werde bei meinem nächsten Düsseldorf Besuch 100%ig dort vorbeischauen

  • Patrick

    Als Düsseldorfer/Ratinger hab ich mir seit der Neueröffnung vorgenommen dort unbedingt vorbeizuschauen. Ich habs aber bisher noch nicht geschafft – aber ich gelobe Besserung. Danke fürs dran erinnern, Markus!

  • chaney

    Hey, just stumbled on your site. Cool stuff–I was at Toykio in May and was really surprised to see how trendy it was. Are there other places/districts in Dusseldorf I should check out on my next trip?

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Toykio Düsseldorf