Berlin? No, Munich!

This week almost everybody is (or will be) on the way to Berlin. The re:publica takes place. But I won’t be in Berlin. Tomorrow morning I will be on the road to Munich. I was invited by frog design to take part at the event “The Others”. The event sounds fantastic. The call it a “live mashup”:

“The Others is “live mash-up” event in which experts from different fields give presentations to local influencers and thought leaders in an attempt to discover common ground among the crowd.” (via

Last November frog design’s The Others took place for the first time.

“A diverse range of guests from arts, media, business, and science backgrounds took part in an experimental live mash up. The experiment was split into two sessions: the first part featured the speakers and the second part allowed the mash up of their perspectives. The goal of the experiment was to establish a platform for interdisciplinary exchange and to draw particular attention to an out of the box approach.” (via

A video from last year’s event (in German):

It sounds (and looks) damn interesting. This time people from very different backgrounds will meet on stage to entertain and inspire the crowd:

  • Daniel Kühnel, artisitc director of the Hamburger Symphoniker
  • Claudia Sommer, Greenpeace activist
  • Dannie Jost, works for the World Trade Institue in policy and regulation issues where science, technology and trade are involved in close collaboration with trade lawyers and other experts in regulatory affairs (she was a speaker at the CoCities Conference)
  • Christine Woesler de Panafieu, sociologist who scouts trends and value changes for her agency CoSight
  • Jonathan Fischer, music journalist

I will spend 5 days in Munich. Why? I can’t tell. Something special is coming up in the next weeks. I am really looking forward to it. But I can tell that I will also get in contact with lots of beer, Schnitzel and Schweinebraten!
And I wish you guys a lot of fun in Berlin!

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Berlin? No, Munich!