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The US american shoe brand VANS has created a series of videos with the outstanding director/editor Eliot Rausch. You might remember the video Last Minutes with ODEN. The very emotional video won the Vimeo Festival + Awards 2010 and went basically viral throughout the web.

Pass the bucket is about the up and downs of outstanding people, like Stephen Murray – one of the most successful British BMX riders, who took a catastrophic fall during a jump. He received career ending injuries to his spinal cord and is paralyzed below the shoulders.

The videos are very emotional – I really like watching them. The stories are interesting, very inspiring and true, which makes them even more moving. The “campaign” is really worth supporting.

Here is the official description:

“A look into the humanitarian side of today’s most celebrated action sport athletes, musicians, artists and foundations. A raw and transparent conversation of today’s shocking realities and potential solutions.

In church you pass a basket to collect money to keep the building lights on.
In alcoholics anonymous you pass a can to collect money to keep the coffee fresh.
A musician passes a hat keeping his passion alive.
A homeless man holds a cup hoping for handouts to survive.

All of the containers are filled or empty based on the compassion and generosity of others. Today, more than ever there is a need for people to become aware of the issues at hand and become pro-active in fighting for change. The opportunities to be selfless and contribute are endless and therefore the large bucket is passed.” (via

Be sure to watch all the six videos they produced so far. Totally worth spending half an hour. Here is the one with Stephen Murray:

Found via PSFK.

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Pass The Bucket