BAUER – my new bicycle

Here it is, my new “old” bicycle. The frame and the fork are from the sixties. Bauer produced racing cycles from the early 20’s until 1968 in a small German town close to Frankfurt. So, apparently the bike is at least 43 years old. Unfortunately the supplies, like gear, brakes or wheels are not original but still look pretty good on the bike. The details are awesome, especially the ornaments along the frame.

I saw it on eBay, bid, and won this beautiful oldie. Last Friday I did some betterments with the help of Alex. We fixed the gear, put new tires on and fixed the brakes. On Saturday I cleaned the bike for 5 hours and put on the new saddle, an original Brooks. Now it is roadworthy. And after my first little tour I must say, I am in love.

Here are some photos of my beautiful new bike (or on flickr in better resolution):

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BAUER – my new bicycle