CoCities, a recap video

Almost three months ago the Cognitive Cities Conference took place in Berlin. It was a blast. Kamiel of YOUR NEIGHBOURS put together this nice audio visual recap of the event. Enjoy 3:20 of 2 days inspiration and exchange. And here you can find most of the speaker videos.

But more good news: CoCities is coming to Amsterdam. On 30 June the Cognitive Cities Salon will take place at De Verdieping in Amsterdam.

“The general idea behind the salons is simple: create a local event, from locals, for locals – curated by CoCities. Those will be small events, not more than 100 people. A major part of those events is to find the appropriate partners. Luckily, in Amsterdam we are very well connected.

With VURB, Visible Cities and Volume Magazine, we have a great lineup of partners to create an exciting event for Amsterdam. There will be an entry fee, but we will try to keep that as low as possible.

That is it for the moment. More details will be coming soon. We hope to see you in Amsterdam.” (via CoCities newsletter)

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CoCities, a recap video