I am an elbdudler

Since the very beginning (December 2009) I am an elbdudler. elbdudler is an agency for digital brand communication (focussed on Social Media), based in Hamburg. Two friends from university started their own thing almost one and a half year ago. Johannes of Third Wave Berlin called us “a great crew of young people doing their own thing” – true words. People like Marcel and Martin are also working with me, and as you can read they are also happy working in that team.

I work as a Project Manager. I join the initial client meetings, listen to their needs, ideas, current situations and then I work on concepts to find solutions, ways to fulfill the clients’ needs and go beyond these needs. After the initial meeting I operate as the interface between the clients and our team of designer, coder, writer and community manager. The title of my occupation at elbdudler is called “Master of Connectivism” – that is also the title which is on my business card. It also describes pretty much my other assignment at elbdudler. I am a guy who loves to connect different people with different skills.

The team is awesome and I am really glad working for them.

One of my big projects is the website (and some other stuff) for HEIMPLANET. We conceptualized, designed, coded the website. We are more than satisfied with the result, we are proud of it. It represents the conjunction of design and technology of HEIMPLANET. It is great visual appealing and has a good working structure. And you can find some nice details like the search field, the logo in lightbox modus or the 404 page. I think the website really meets the requirements of the awesome tent – The Cave.

A project of our own is QUOTE.fm. We (Marcel and Martin) are currently working on the redesign and the most wanted launch. We are really excited about the tool.

We are also working on some other stuff. One of our projects is Tidenhub – the event, where people present their projects. It is all really fun to do that stuff besides our every day work.

And lately I was busy working on a big project. That’s the reason why it was so quiet here on Better Taste Than Sorry. I am sorry for that, BUT soon a lot of new stuff will come here and some really cool stuff, stay tuned.

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I am an elbdudler