I love Soundcloud

I love music, you know that. And in the last time I am listening more and more music on Soundcloud. It is brilliant. Bands like Beastie Boys or Foo Fighters are presenting their whole new albums on Soundcloud and I wish more bands would do it. Just take a look at all the great features of Soundcloud (the Mac OS app, the iPhone app, the possibility to comment exact seconds in songs or mixes and and…).  Another great part of Soundcloud: it was founded 2007 in Berlin. One of the most promising German start ups in the Social Media business and their communication is great (David Noël for example).

Last weekend a friend of mine from Berlin was visiting me. Daniel and I were working together in a bar in Düsseldorf. He was the one responsible for the music and was responsible for the drinks. Every time we meet we share lots of music. And that weekend we mostly showed each other Soundcloud profiles.


One of the most incredible songs I lately heard was by Cowbell (Soundcloud). A British garage/soul/rock n roll duo with lots of influence from the 60s. And the song Hanging By A Thread really sweeps me of my feet.

Hello Piedpiper

Another great music finding by Daniel is Hello Piedpiper (Soundcloud & Facebook). Behind Hello Piedpiper is Fabio, a singer, guitar player and song writer, who also plays in the band Stereo Inn (Soundcloud). At first I met Fabio two years ago at the Haldern Pop Festival, and again last year. But I didn’t know that he is also making a solo thing. And Fabio’s music is really really good. Looking forward to hear him live.


My dearest friends and colleagues Marcel, Martin and Jan are currently talking about Spotify and the advantages of using that service instead of making media piracy. I think Soundcloud is not an answer to piracy and illegal downloading or illegal file sharing etc. but in order to find and listen to NEW music, helping young talents (like Hello Piedpiper above) with comments and such, I think Soundcloud is a pretty awesome service. I hope Spotify will be usable LEGALLY in Germany soon. The way the three above are using it is not really easy, not really legal – it is a bit weird talking about using music files legally but then you need a crazy work around to be able to use it. (But so far it is the only way, so I understand it.)

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I love Soundcloud