Since a concert of Julia Marcell I would say, Marcel and I know each other not only from the “internet” but also in “real life”. For a few weeks now I am not only befriended with Marcel but we also became colleagues. We work together for elbdudler. I was always a fan of Marcel’s work: his scribbles, his interview project Hallo Unbekannt and his other crazy projects.

Since we also founded a company together and since I saw Marcel’s ambition, passion, enthusiasm, and talent for all that stuff, I am more than happy to be part of Together with Martin and Philipp they are rocking that project pretty good. Like Marcel reported in one of his latest post: we can be proud of that thing what they are creating right now.

The thing is that these guys really know what they are doing. Especially Marcel thinks about any little detail. And if it is not important (yet), it is not regarded. If you ask him something, he knows what to answer – so you get a feeling that this is going exactly the right way.

It is also fun to be part of that because we all believe it could become something big. We are excited because we want to use ourselves.

I don’t care if you see this post as if I would kiss Marcel’s ass or something! I wrote tributes to people like Eike König or Phillip Annand. So why shouldn’t I show my respect to someone I know also in real life and who is incidentally my co-worker. In the future you will see here some more posts where I will push friends of mine, people from my network. Stay tuned.

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  • Der Marc

    Schön geschrieben :)

    Bei »as if I would kiss Marcel’s ass or something« musste ich schmunzeln ;) wenns einer behauptet, so what. Wen interessierts.

    Mir gefallen Beiträge dieser Art.

  • Florian

    Haha, the last paragraph made me really laugh :)

    Well, I don’t suppose anybody thinks you kiss Marcel’s ass – he is an inspiring person for sure and his creative output should be honoured, as well as yours! is gonna be HUGE.

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