A tool for travel recommendations

I love to travel. And thanks to this blog I have been to London, Shanghai, Venice, Munich, etc. And of course, privately I am travelling too, like the trip to New York with my girlfriend. Often I ask for recommendations for travelling, like for London or New York. And in case of London it really worked well, Johannes wrote a blog post about London Food Tipps. But the collaborative map of New York was not really used or helpful.

So, we need something cool. I have an idea in my mind.
First, we need to bring back dopplr. The travelling service was great, at least to say where you are going and to see where others are going. But the tips and recommendations part is pretty unattractive. dopplr is still one of my favorite tools, but 2009 Nokia bought dopplr and from that time on nothing happened anymore. No more developments, they didn’t use its potential. But there was potential, a lot. I liked that you can connect your flickr account to dopplr and if you add the location to the photos druing a trip, it automatically shows you the photos of that trip in your dopplr profile.

But I would like to have more. I want a tool that uses all the potential of location based services and other social media tools. For example:

  • when I connect my dopplr (I name it dopplr) to my twitter/facebook (or any other) profile and I travel to a city, where one of the people lives whom I am following/befriended with, it should show me “User X lives here, ask him for recommendations or get together”
  • I want the ability to create maps, which can be easily added with foursquare venues (just with the venue id) or with facebook places
  • photos of instagram, or any other photo tool that also has the ability to add locations, should be added to the trip
  • when I add places to my to-do list on foursquare (see the photo above), it should add these tips to my list in dopplr
  • then I wanna add notes to the places and to the trips, like adding food tips via foodspotting – or adding dates (concerts and such) via last.fm or popula
  • I want to add sounds (like reocrds on soundcloud) to my maps and and…
  • I want an iPhone/iPad/Android app, which also works perfectly offline (because of expansive roaming prices)
  • I want collaborative maps
  • editorial recommendations by cool people, who know cool spots, like Tyler Brûlé or Johannes Kleske (should be added to my map, just by a click)
  • I want to add tips to maps/cities via the mobile app
  • maps of other users should be able to be followed


  • general tipps for cities, ordered by category, e.g. transport for Hamburg: car2go, call a bike..
  • maybe you can finance it by cooperations with hotels, travel agencies, car sharing agencies, and and..

That was just written down on a Saturday morning, no real thoughts were made. Just an impulsive post, because I could use such a tool next week for a trip to Brussels.

Alright, who’s funding me, so I can build that tool with some designers and programmers? Do you have other features you would like to see? And do you even think such a tool could be cool? Or does such a tool exist already?

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  • Ruben

    I love dopplr too and I miss it. I really think that there is a lot of unused potential (the whole travel-recommendation-thing). Sadly there is no tool for that…

  • Christoph

    I’m really missing dopplr too and your features sound great. Have you thought of starting a kickstarter project to get funding? I’d be in on the dev side!

  • Nick

    You’re kidding me. Honestly, I had the exact same thoughts yesterday evening on my way back home after checking my dopplr profile. Now I’m reading your post and it feels like “oh, that’s what I was thinking of”. And I am sure there are a lot of other people who would love to use a good working dopplr alternative as well.

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A tool for travel recommendations