Designing Life

“Designing Is About The Decisions You Make Everyday”, that is the title of an article Stefan Boublil, a New York based designer and founder of the apartment, wrote for fastcodesign (Fast Company Design). Mr Boublil puts his passion for design into writing. A great article. Stefan Boublil names reasons why he once started designing, says what design has to do with decision making and ends with a paragraph, which I want to quote word for word:

“Designing my life, not just my work, is what I now strive for on a daily basis, sometimes succeeding, sometimes failing, but always making sure that the decisions at hand are my own. That is worthwhile design.” (via

Within my blog post “Me, myself and I“, I just described how I am designing my life: finding interest – being a people person – enjoying life.

I found the article via thedonutproject. Brian also found Stefan Boublil’s writing as inspiring and insightful.

Thank you Stefan, for this great article!

(Why I chose the photo above? I don’t know, I screenshot it from the manual of my analog camera.)

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Designing Life