Heimplanet Cave Away 2011

Last weekend I was lucky. Malte was the first one to test The Cave, the inflatable tent of Heimplanet. The project Cave Away 2011 started last Friday. And Malte was so kind to take me with him on the trip to experience camping in an inflatable diamond grid. It was … perfect, really!

Day 1

On Friday morning Malte picked me up at home and we were heading towards the home of Stilpirat Steffen Böttcher. He lives in a perfect location. 5 Minutes from his home you can find nature, real nature.

After a delicious breakfast with Steffen and his wife, we three guys went on a little hike. The area looked like this. We walked 3 hours through the forrest without seeing anyone else. We talked about our lives and shot some photos and I recorded a little sound experience:
30 seconds of heaven by roitsch

After 3 hours we found the perfect spot for a break. At a small creek we sat down and had a little rest. I took off my shoes and socks and then I walked through the creek. It was freezing cold. My feet were supplied with blood like crazy but I felt alive – I felt pure nature on my body, was surrounded by this beautiful sounds, and we three just sat there and enjoyed the piece and harmony.

When we came back to Steffen’s house, Malte and I set up The Cave with the help of Steffen’s kids. Within less than a minute the tent was ready. It had a very nice spot in the garden: After the set up, we relaxed in the sun and played with Steffen’s children. Malte was as playful as you can imagine him and ran around the house as if he were a little flying horse (Felly Pferd). In the meantime Steffen began to light the grill. The whole evening we had some nice conversations.

Day 2

The next morning we had breakfast and after a while, Malte and me hit the road again – on the way to the Eastern Sea. The traffic was bad, but our mood was still great.

We had a little stop at Malte’s parents, had some lunch and hit back the road to the beach. We were looking for a spot for the night. And we found it. The perfect spot: right here. Malte and me went to the supermarket, bought some stuff. Stuff like beer, ingredients for Cuba Libre and BBQ stuff. Then we came back to our spot on the beach. We started the evening with a Cuba Libre and the BBQ.

After the dinner, we had some amazing scenery. And an amazing soundtrack:
The Wave for THE CAVE at Niendorf Strand by kopfbunt

Damn right. That was our view. The sun was setting right infront of our eyes. After the sunset we started a bonfire, finished the beers and the bottle Havana Club. At 2 am we layed down in order to see the sunrise.

Day 3

Unfortunately we overslept the sunrise! At 7 am we opened the entrance of the tent and saw this: In order to start the day appropriately – compared to the whole weekend – we jumped into the Eastern Sea. The cold water waked us up. After some more hours on the beach, we hit the road again, back to Malte’s parents for breakfast and a shower. Then it was time to go home.

I just wanna say that The Cave is truly awesome. The fast set up and striking is so easy that it is fun to use the tent. The little details like bags for the entrance or the storage space inside is really great. I definitely want to have such a tent. You can find more infos in Malte’s blogpost.

Thank you Steffen and family for this perfect day. And thank you Malte for all this! It is great to have you as friends. I hope we will repeat this very soon!

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Heimplanet Cave Away 2011