How instagram ruined #walkingtoworktoday

If you have an iPhone you must know instagram! It is THE photo app currently. Although some new ones are hitting the market (see below), instagram is still the one getting the most attention right now. Even companies like Incase are doing contests with instagram. There was a time I was not really a fan of instagram. Johannes reported about it, and I criticized instagram a lot, but the app was in just out on the market.

Now, more than a half year later, I am only taking pictures with instagram. I like the app a lot now. And most of the things I criticized back then are surpassed by now. What I really love about instagram is the easy way to spread the photos into almost every network. You can decide if you want to share the photo on twitter, facebook (you can choose between profile and fan pages), email, flickr, tumblr, foursquare, or posterous. And by adding the hashtag #food added to a location, you can send a photo to foodspotting – a tool which I also like a lot!

Of course all the other options (mentions, comments, likes, …) are possible on instagram. And now there is evewn a cool desktop client, an OS app, available. It is called Carousel.

I think one crazy dude lured me to instagram. Diego Zambrano (@workforfood), Creative Director at Ogilvy NY. He is doing some mad stuff on instagram. Basically he is similar to me. He works for an advertising agency, loves to cook and loves meat! But his passion for meat is some more fully grown than mine. And this is hard to find. But if you are on instagram, look for @zambrano, and you will find some amazing culinary things.

But there is also a downside with instagram. Shortly after I celebrated my one year anniversary of #walkingtoworktoday I started to use instagram a lot. And I realized that the numbers of my #walkingtoworktoday-photos went down, even though I didn’t take less pictures. So, I was looking for a way to add my photos from instagram to #walkingtoworktoday. So far instagram doesn’t transfer the hashtags to flickr, it only adds some weird tags I don’t want to use.

But now there is another tool in the game: ifttt – if this than that“ifttt puts the internet to work for you by creating tasks that fit this simple structure: ifthisthenthat. Think of all the things you could do if you were able to define any task as: when something happens (this) then do something else (that).” And it is really easy and works perfectly. They only need to add tags to flickr, then the tool would be awesome. But they told me via twitter to add it soon.

New photo apps

There are also some pretty new photo apps. The one is /w. It is a second app by Path. (Like Marcel said, Path was also pretty cool, but screwed it) /w is an easy way to show with whom you are “with” and you can add a photo. I like the filters of /w. But there is nothing really new or spectacular about the app so far. We will see…

The other new photo app is piictu. This could get even more interesting. Marcel even calls it “maybe the most exciting app for now”. With piictu you take photos of certain things. Someone adds a photo of his shoes – he calls it “my shoes” – then people add their shoes to this stream. You can follow people, like photos and subscribe to streams. That’s all.

It is simple, but the slogan of piictu really gets it: “A fun + simple way to talk & play with piics”. I am really exited to see people playing around with these tools. You could even do easy research by this – just open a stream of a topic you are interested in, e.g. the inside of a fridge or desktops or drinks.

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How instagram ruined #walkingtoworktoday