Me at the Good School

Early April I was asked by Christian of the Good School, if I would like to blog live for one of their workshops. And of course I agreed, it is always fun and interesting to work together with Simone and Christian. They love what they are doing and it is inspirational to work together with such people.

It was a great experience. It was the frist time I blogged live from an event. Usually I do it the other way, at first I consume all the information and then I write a blog post after I manufactured all the input. If you still don’t know what the Good School is, take a look at my blog post from last September.

Basically I was the substitution for Anna Lena, she is usually visualizing live the talks of the “teachers” at the Good School. I was asked to blog live on a closed posterous and on the public posterous of the Good School, as you can see/read here or here. It was exhausting, really – I think I posted about 12 posts each day, for three days. But it was definitely worth the effort.

I got the chance to meet very interesting people, like Bernd Krämer of Cream Colored Ponies (who talked about sausages! watch the photo below), Christoph Bornschein of TLGG, or Fabian Hemmert, who I met at the Palo Altonale already.

The workshop itself was very interesting. I also learned a lot about SEO, Social Media Monitoring, Facebook Advertising, Brand Management in times of Social Media, and and… One evening we even played a game, where “famous web people” came into the school and the pupils were asked to find out what they are famous for. Funny game.

The food was delicious. (You know that THAT is important to me) The catering was made by Masser & Matthies. It was really really good. You should also try their coffee and tarts when you are in Hamburg.

On the last day we also went out into the real/offline world. We tested mobile systems and apps. It was great to run around and see what is possible and what might come in the future.

All in all, it was a great experience. I can truly say that attending such a workshop will help you to understand the word of Social Media. I hope it was not the last time that Simone and Christian invited me. But I guess they know, that they can always ask me to fill in the spot of Anna Lena if she is busy again!

Maybe the best part of it all was to hear that my blog posts helped the pupils to understand some stuff and that they have the information sustainably manufactured. You are very welcome!

If you are interested in attending one of their workshops, take a look at their programs.

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Me at the Good School