Me, myself and I

My buddy Martin just posted a blog post, within he is doing something like a self-reflection – translated it is called: I am something in-between. Thoughts on life. I like this blog post. Martin says that he can’t really say who or more WHAT he is. He calls himself not an artist, not a creative, not a technician, not a programmer, not a typical geek or nerd. But somehow he is is all of it at once.

Martin turned off the comments on this blog posts. At first I was a little bit annoyed, I wanted to comment! But then Malte had the idea to write a blog post about it. So, here it is. Basically I can agree with Martin – I don’t know what I am. I am an Educator (at least this is the subject I studied), I am a Project Manager, I am a Concepter (does this word exist?), I am a nerd (at least when it comes to Social Media), I am a design lover (but not a designer), I am an art lover (but not an artist), I am a music lover (but not a musician), I am a blogger, I am what you could call a people person, and maybe this is my most important temper.

People like Malte, Steffen, Clemens, Martin and sometimes Marcel are people person, they are NICE, helpful, I can rely on their opinion and most of all they are friends. I guess some of you would say being nice it not always a good thing. I think it is not true. There is a difference between being nice and being too nice. When you are nice and you can be good with others, life is so much better. Maybe there is no such thing as charma, but somehow I (want to) believe that you get what you give. I guess my best three characteristics are:

  • finding interest in everything – being open, interested and find passion for the most different subjects.
  • being a people person – get together with interesting people, communicate and share (like George Bernard Shaw means it).
  • enjoying life – I can enjoy and appreciate a good life, either via good food, good music or spending time with friends, family and most important with my girlfriend. (this works strong together with the other two points!)

Martin sure also has all three characteristics. When we sit together, we can talk about music, travelling, sports, (of course) photography, web stuff, tech stuff, and and … I guess it is one of the most important features these days. Finding interest and passion for the most different subjects.
I remember sitting together with Malte in Berlin two years ago. We were talking about my situation that I didn’t know what I wanna do back then. Three or four months later I started working for elbdudler. And still, I don’t know what I will do for living in 2 years or for whom I will work. But I stopped worrying. It all goes so fast – I can’t believe I am sitting in this chair right now and waiting for a client’s feedback. There are several things I would like to do (work for madebymany, work for Hyper Island or go back to New York). Maybe life is not that difficult:

But at first there is a big change coming in August. I will leave Germany with my girlfriend. I won’t tell you more right now. But a blog post will follow and I am damn excited!

(Maybe you think it is funny that I mention people I met through the web, of course I also know people outside of the web. I thought this would be more interesting, because we know each other online and offline and we have the same interests. And blogging is something how we got all connected.)

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Me, myself and I