Wilbur by weltunit

Yesterday I received a message via twitter by @weltunit, they asked me to stop by their office in order to see Wilbur in action. I didn’t know what Wilbur was, so I follwed the link and found something really interesting and inspiring. weltunit is a Berlin based design studio by Daniel Wahl. Wilbur is a tabletop. You can put it on top of your desk frame. Basically like my idea. The idea of Wilbur is pretty nifty. Basically it is a tabletop with a hole in the top and a tunnel underneath.

“Wilburs core functionality is achieved with 2 important design features: the integrated tunnel beneath the tabletop and the access opening on the top.
The tunnel forms a hollow space under the tabletop where you can stash away your power supply and periphery. Fitted to accommodate a power strip, your power cables won’t pile up next to your feet. Because access is granted from the top it is much more comfortable than the usual cable-nets or cable-cages.
This comfort will enhance your flexibility since laptops are more often replugged than desktop machines.
The access opening is a cut-out of the tabletop with a flushed lid. Cables will run through the interstice down into the Tunnel.”
(via weltunit.com)

I like the idea of Daniel. It is clever. Especially the idea to offer different two different cut-outs for the top, a centrical or a decentrical cut-out. And the idea that the lids can be customized as well. Wilbur looks pretty good, although I would prefer a tabletop in white. And I would add some other features. Some things I came up with while I did the research for my desk project. But maybe I can ask Daniel to get into some exchange. And who knows maybe we can get together and start a collaboration. Unfortunately, I can’t stop by his office next weekend but the next time I am in Berlin I will definitely stop by and I am looking forward to meet Daniel and his Wilbur.

Wilbur will also be part of the dmy – International Design Festival Berlin. If you happen to be in Berlin next weekend, be sure to stop by! And I need to ask Daniel where he got this beautiful chair from!


Daniel just send me a picture of Wilbur in white! Wow, it looks amazing! Would love to have it!

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Wilbur by weltunit