Better Taste Than Sorry is dead, long live BETTER _ THAN _! Here it is, the beta version of my blog. So far the browser edition should be ready. The mobile themes should be done next weekend. But I couldn’t resist to present you the new layout. The redesign is part of the whole new concept/idea of BETTER _ THAN _.

Above you see new business cards (Nice photo by Steffen, with a tilt shift). Beautiful letter press by letterpress77. I once presented already the first edition of my CV and cover letter. Here is all the new stuff with envelopes, stamps, stickers…

The idea behind BETTER _ THAN _ should be described by the designers and creators OPEN STUDIO themselves:

“A couple of weeks ago Markus Reuter asked us to design a new identity for his blog Better Taste Than Sorry — where he writes about anything that inspires him: life, food, people, places, ideas, street-art, music, bikes, furniture, brands, friends, photos etc. etc. etc.

That’s why we came up with a quite intuitive and even ‘rough’ kind of logo-system that’s supposed to be exactly like the blog itself: varied, spontaneous, situational and very personal …”

The Website

Discover it yourself! I couldn’t make it possible without the help of others. But within the next blog post you will find out more about the collaborative work of some friends! This is the result and all the stuff you find below.

Business Cards



Cover Letter





What do you think? I am really really happy! I think it fits perfectly and it all works pretty well together. AND, a good thing is: many more things will follow. Within the next days I will give you some glimpses into the future. Collaborations, a few more changes, and and and… Stay tuned!

And if you see anything within the blog, the print products or anything else that bothers you, something that you like or dislike, something that seems to be wrong or not working well, please tell me! And of course I am interested in your opinion!

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