BETTER together THAN alone

It’s one day celebration with the new design, wohoo! Not really a reason to write about, but saying Thank You is always a good reason! All this stuff: the blog, the business cards, the stickers, and and .. would not exist without the help of some great people. I am honored to work together with these guys. All throughout Germany friends of mine were willing to help, with ideas, with code, with talent, and passion.


At first I want to thank OPEN STUDIO (on facebook), Kai and Julia did all the design stuff. Although we live 500 km apart, we worked together as a team. Every now and then we were talking via skype, on the phone or via email. We did all the work besides our daily routine. Sometimes after work, sometimes over the weekends. And I really appreciate their effort. The result makes me more than happy. It is something I am proud to present, I feel connected and visualized by the things.


Jan Oelze, the elektrospanier, helped me a lot with all the code. We sat together and realized the ideas and concepts of OPEN STUDIO. But since he was also busy with several other projects and work, I also needed the help of others.


Martin Wolf, is always someone you can rely on. If I see he is online at night, I can write him a message and ask him for help. I really appreciate it.


When I have a question regarding web, design, or anything else, I ask for Malte Christensen’s opinion. Mr kopfbunt has  a perfect view towards the things: he knows the design part, he understands how the code works, and brings it perfectly together.


When we visited Steffen Böttcher, I asked him if he could take some photos of my business cards. Within seconds, he shot these awesome photos, you can see over here.


Kiyo Matsumoto of letterpress77 did an amazing job. The business cards are so beautiful and feel so great, with the pushed in letters, love it! He also did my job in between others. Thank you!

Of course there are several other people helping me with ideas, comments, suggestions, or with the code. Thank you Mathias, Marcel, … and last but not least my girlfriend.

And you!

Without you this all would not be necessary. And I really appreciate every reader, every comment, and every like. It is great to see that someone is interested in listening or reading what I have to say. So, here is a little Thank You for you as well:

You can win two shirts of HELLO MY NAME IS, also designed by OPEN STUDIO. If you have (or someone you know has) the size medium, man or woman, you can win that shirt. Just write a comment below. You will get the shirt with a special pen, so you can customize the shirt yourself. The idea is similar to BETTER __ THAN __. Just write a comment and add what kind of shirt you would like to win. Of course you can also win a shirt for your girlfriend, for you monkey or for anybody. Just tell me what you want to have.

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BETTER together THAN alone