Just a pen?

Today Malte pointed out to a very interesting project. Over at Design made in Germany Markus Jaritz wrote a blog post about a kickstarter project from Brooklyn, NY. CW&T were so inspired by a pen that they came up with the idea to design and produce their own pen: the Pen Type-A. What fascinates me is the fact that they were so passionate about one pen that they got the crazy idea to produce one themselves. I love that idea. As you know I am a big fan of people who are doing their own thing – and that is exactly the what CW&T did. Very impressive. They started to present their idea at kickstarter where they also want to get it funded. and then they got lucky, swissmiss stumbled upon the project and I don’t know if they made before or through the help of swissmiss, but they needed $ 2,500 to realize the project and by now they reached $ 91,060 (status Fri 9:11 CET). Yesterday at around 6 pm they had something around $ 30,000 – and now they have still 24 days to go until the kickstarter funding will stop, pretty impressive! And totally deserved!

In my opinion this quote by Beth Comstock at a 99% Conference describes it pretty well:

“The more passionate that someone is about something, the more you have to listen to them.”

And they are passionate, watch here:

I found my pen with the Sign Pen by Pentel. Describing that pen is quite difficult. My girlfriend showed me the pen when we got together. They worked with the Sign Pen in her agency and somehow I started using the pen. By now I don’t want to miss him anymore. I always wear one pen with me, black or grey. Mostly black in order to fill out my business cards.

As you can see in the comments at DmiG’s blog post, I am not the only fan of the Sign Pen. Attila of Peachbeach also likes the pen. When you first use the pen it is sharp and you can sketch really good with it. When you use it more often it gets some kind of blunt but you can still use it very good.

Recently I saw a tweet of @PSFK and I thought that there is really a project somewhere where you can create you own pen, like choosing the material, the shape, the kind of pen (pencil, ball pen or felt pen…). But unfortunately the link was not that promising, you get a pen in different parts and need to assemble it yourself.

But I think my idea is pretty cool. Creating a system where you can really customize your own pen. At least the idea is better than an edible pen!

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  • Stefan

    I would really like to give this pen a try, but before investing 50 bucks I want to test this pilot hi-tec-c pen. Does someone have a source for them in Germany, or at least in Europe!?


    PS: I just ordered a sign pen, you made me curious ;-)

  • Hannah Bahl

    I love the Sign Pen by Pentel. As my dad draws with them all the time I started to use it too. It’s seriously the best pen in the world. Great article btw. I hope they make it to finance the project.

  • Stefan

    @Markus my Sign Pen finally arrived and I really like it a lot! It’s nicely black without bleeding through the paper (even in my Leuchtturm1917 notebooks). I think it will take the place of my Stabilo 68. Compared to that pen the Sign Pen is rather thin, but this might change with more writing. And the design of the Pentel is a lot nicer…
    Anyway thank you very much for the tip :-)

    Cheers Stefan

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Just a pen?