Open Source Festival 2011

Last Saturday the Open Source Festival 2011 (here is their brand new blog) took place in Düsseldorf, my home town. And together with Malte and Jan I was driving from Hamburg to Düsseldorf to see Jamie XX and several others live. It would be a 4 hours car ride and sometimes the trip can be pretty annoying – a lot of traffic, old grumpy drivers..

But somehow we got lucky. I ordered a rental car for us. An usual car, maybe something in the size of an Opel Corsa/VW Polo. But the man at the car rental office told me we would upgrade us, since it is just a day rent but a lot of kilometers. I thought we would get a Golf or Astra or something. But instead we got a Mercedes-Benz C-class T-wagon. Nice car. Fast car. Comfy car. After a 4 hours trip we arrived at the racecourse Düsseldorf. The weather was ok, at least it was not raining. At the festival I met a bunch of friends. And finally I was able to bring together the designer of BETTER __ THAN __, Open Studio, and the ones who realized the web design Malte and Jan. Pretty cool.

At 17.15 it was time to go to the Carhartt stage. Jamie XX was about to spin some records. In the beginning the mood of the crowd as well as of Jamie himself was not quite good. But somehow Jamie managed to get the crowd dancing and smiling and screaming. It was awesome. Not really new stuff when you know the mix tapes of Carhartt, Colette, BBC, or FACT. But great to hear/see it live. After that we saw Mount Kimbie, a little bit of The Editors and on the way out we saw dOP. On the way back to Hamburg we listened to Revolte, maybe the best mix of Designers.MX. And then we started listening to the radio, there was a live show of Boris Dlugosch. I didn’t know his music before. But I liked it. We turned up the volume, so I won’t get tired. And that was the best thing about the car (besides the speed and the comfort), the sound was amazing.

All in all it was a great trip. Spending a day with good friends and good music… Thank you, see you next year Open Source! And for next year, I would like to see keinemusik, Elektropastete and Glitch Mob. Thank you!

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Open Source Festival 2011