Välkommen till Lund

It’s time to say “Good Bye”. Not we here at B_T_, but my girlfriend and I need to say “Good Bye” to Hamburg. For 10 months! We are going north. To Lund in Skåne, South Sweden. We are very excited.
My girlfriend will do a master program at Lund University. A big university. Lund has 82.800 citizens, the university includes circa 35.000 people (students + staff). I will keep on working as a Project Manager/Concepter for elbdudler and of course I will do some blogging. Interesting things are about to come.

Last weekend my girlfriend and I went to Lund, for the first time. On Friday morning we started our journey. The weather was bad, really bad. Never ending rain and really stormy conditions. It was quite unpleasant when you have such conditions and you need to cross a bridge which is 8 km long. The Øresund Bridge is really impressive. You can’t see the other side when you enter the bridge and it’s also really high. AND the bridge connects Denmark and Sweden, Copenhagen and Malmö. The perfect picture was a sinking ship infront of the Swedish coast.

But the second day we had perfect weather. Sunshine! So we discovered the city. Such a beautiful small town. Everywhere are flowers, the people are very nice (some of them, girls and boys, also look nice) and everybody is super friendly. It is quite impressive to see that people outside of Germany are really nice and friendly.

Our house is super lovely. A small semi-detached building, with a cute garden. We are very excited to move in, make it comfy and “our home” for the next 10 months. Our neighbors are awesome, very cool people from all over the world.

Everybody in this town is a real foodie, which I am really happy about. The culinary things are really important within the area around Lund, Malmö and Copenhagen. And of course also the coffee culture is important in this area, Copenhagen is supposed to one of the capitals when it comes to Third Wave Coffee. In Lund are also very nice coffee shops, like the bakery St. Jakobs, where we had our first Swedish coffee.

The costs for food and groceries are quite high as compared with Germany. I had a sandwich and a coffee for breakfast.

“A coffee: 3,50 €. A sandwich with Italian ham and mozzarella: 6,50 €. But falling in love with the city, where you will spend the next 10 months of your life: priceless!”

Saturday we went to the beach (which is just 10 km away from our house!), in order to pitch The Cave. As part of Cave Away, it was the weekend, where I had the chance to test the tent of HEIMPLANET. Friday we pitched the tent in our living room, so it was out first furniture in Sweden! And Saturday we presented the tent to the Swedish. They marveled at the inflatable tent, like it was visiting from outer space. (on the photo below you can see the giant bridge in the back!)

Yeah, it rocks. Sweden is a country I really adore. Lund is a beautiful small town, Malmö and Copenhagen are just a few minutes away. Lund, see you soon!

And perfect timing, a “new” song by one of my most favorite Swedish bands: I’m from Barcelona.

I’m From Barcelona – Always Spring by I’m from Barcelona

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  • Marc

    Schöner Text und schöne Bilder. Sorgt direkt für Fernweh! Man kann dich schon um deinen Job beneiden. Immerhin kannst du einfach 10 Monate entschwinden ;)

    Ich glaube übrigens auch, dass du dort oben gut aufgehoben bist. Das merkt man das bereits beim Lesen und für dich als Food Lover ist die Nähe zu København natürlich auch ideal. Immerhin gibts dort einige nette Restaurants und die Küche zählt ja auch zu einer der Besten.

    Wünsch dir und deiner Freundin eine schöne Zeit im Norden! :)

  • ktinka

    Wow 10 month Lund sounds perfect. I am looking forward to stories from Sweden and pictures of nice food! How I miss Kanelbullar and Swedish candy! Enjoy yourselves!

    (Might be in Malmö for a weekend this summer. Maybe a chance to have overpriced coffee together!)

  • Jerry

    “It is quite impressive to see that people outside of Germany are really nice and friendly.”

    What?! Why??

    Still, have a good time. :) Looks like we won’t be meeting up any time soon as I will be on the other side of the world for a few years.

  • Markus Reuter

    @Jerry The quote is about German attitudes. Being nice and friendly, polite and helpful is not taken for granted in Germany. At least not any more in most cases. You really surprise people when are willing to help or just say “Bless you in public if some you don’t know sneezes, they look at you as if you want to harm them!
    You realize it a lot when you come to a place where people offer you to help with finding the way, when you stand longer than two minutes looking at a map on a street. I love it!

    Great, Australia? Sounds perfect! Enjoy it, man. We keep in touch via the web!

  • manx

    Wow, love it! Great pictures and also the beach looks awesome.

    Just read an article about Lund University. It says, it is one of the best universities and so it has an excellent reputation.

    Enjoy your time there!

  • Aicent Blaiche

    Wow , I have always wanted , faintly to study in europe and a bout a year ago thought Lund or Upsalla would be the perfect second choice , I am still doing reasearch about them to see wich would be a beetter choice for me, but i lvoe to see pictures liek the ones you posted here , it”s uch a sweet clean little place :D so unlike the big cities in america where i live :(

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Välkommen till Lund