5 days of inspiration, creativity and food for $6,000

Imagine that: spending five days with a bunch of creative people in a studio in Williamsburg. During these five days, you eat, talk, discuss, drink wine, developing ideas. Food will be prepared by New York’s top chefs. Good right? Well, it’s real, the American Designer and Artist James Victore is organizing such an event in October this year: The Dinner Series.

All you need to do is write an email to dinner@jamesvictore.com and pay $6,000. (I don’t say anything about the price, could be worth it, could not…)

I love the idea. I think food & design goes quite well together. I love the idea of organizing events where people bring together creativity and food like The Dinner with a Side of Design, Hel Yes, or a store like Tongues. That is also the reason why I am supporting Kitchen Guerilla.

(And I think it’s funny, that when you click on the links within the event’s website where “guests” are mentioned, you come to this site: guests.)

Found at stapledesign.com, where you can also find this very interesting video about James Victore’s book:

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5 days of inspiration, creativity and food for $6,000