bättre smak än ledsen

Here we are now! In Lund, Sweden. Great! The thought of spending here my next 10 months is still a bit overwhelming or unreal. But it feels great. It already feels like “home”. And this is maybe the most important thing when you leave all your stuff at the place where you spent your last 4,5 years and move to a different country. On Sunday two weeks ago I took the ferry from Travemünde to Malmö. It was a great experience! The journey was quite long, 9 hours. But perfect weather made it easy. I spend the most time on deck, sunbathing with my headphones on! And then we passed the Öresund bridge. And we crossed it underneath. It was stunning.

The first days in Sweden I improved our new home, did some painting, electronic improvements, and cleaned the whole house. Then my girlfriend came with some more stuff. And now we finally settled, got to know the city, some common things and rules (for example that you are allowed to drive your bicycle really drunk!) I found a new sport: Rugby. It is crazy, but I like it a lot. Very tough, exhausting but it is great! I am starting to get to know the rules, but it will take a while until I learned all the rules and the flow of the game. But luckily I am quite good at team sports and a fast learner. Looking forward to the time when I feel safe to play.

And I also found a great coffee place. It is called Patisserie. A nice little café and lunch bar, with tasty sweet backing goods and excellent coffee.

Within the next days I will keep you updated and I will also announce an new cooperation! Yeah, life is good! Wish you a great weekend!

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  • Christian

    Lund ist wunderschön! Direkt gegenüber vom Bahnhof gibt’s auch ein nettes kleines Café (Name leider entfallen) und an der Rückseite der Kathedrale bei der Uni ist in so einer Autoeinfahrt in so ein haus ein ganz netter Fotograf zu Hause, der da hin und wieder mal eine nette Ausstellung hat.

    Da haben wir ein wenig Zeit verbracht, als wir von einem heftigen zwei-stündigen Schauer überrascht wurden.

  • Markus Reuter

    @Christian: Ja, Lund ist wirklich einfach schön, das beschreibt es am besten! Hmm.. Cafés gibt es ja hier einige. Ich habe aber sowieso noch so einiges zu erkunden, vielleicht stolpere ich ja auch über DAS Café bzw den Fotografen!
    Achja, an die Schauer muss man sich auf jeden Fall gewöhnen! Habe jetzt immer ne Regenjacke in der Tasche!

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bättre smak än ledsen