Checkdisout #5: City Talk

A friend of mine, Matthias Weber, is organizing these events in Hamburg. They are called Checkdisout. So far they have been events about  music, publishing, advertising, and tv. The topic of Checkdisout #5 is City Talk. One night that will discuss developments within urban spaces.

As you know urbanity is a big topic for me. As you may remember I was part of the organization team of the Cognitive Cities Conference and I love events where you discuss and push things forward, like Tidenhub. And especially I am interested in the developments of the cities where I live. Especially when there is so much going on as in Hamburg. So, I would definitely attend the Checkdisout. But since I am now a few kilometers more north, I won’t make it. But you should!

Checkdisout #5: City Talk deals with development processses in today’s cities. Hamburg has seen a lot of controversial large-scale building projects (e.g. Hafencity), no matter what they’re about- there’s always a protest group forming up. What happens in other cities? Checkdisout takes a peak outside the Hamburg city boundaries and invites speakers from other European countries aswell as doers from Hamburg, who are constructively pushing the dialogue on the future of cities forward. We are taking a special look on people and projects using their creativity to solve pressing issues.” (via


The event will take place September 7th 2011, entrance opens at 7:00 pm and starts at 7.30 pm.
@ Kunstverein Hamburg, Klosterwall 23, 20095 Hamburg
The language at the event will be english!

Have fun!

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Checkdisout #5: City Talk