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This is so lovely. I must say the best website I found in a long time. Easy, great design, free music downloads, gifs… That is hanging up the moon (SoundCloud and Facebook). Via a tweet I found this lovely page. hanging up the moon is a one man band from Singapore, Sean Lam and his instruments: a guitar, an ukulele, a microphone and some music software (Ableton Live 7).

“It’s been awhile since I’ve done something musically and this album is the result of me trying to satisfy that urge to get back at music making. Since I currently do not have the time to commit to my band, the only way forward is to do this alone and at home. All the recordings took place in ungodly hours (hence the moniker), mostly because that’s really the only window of time I have. The stillness of the night and early mornings also helped, for I was simply working on this album in my study and not a sound proof studio.” (via hangingupthemoon.com)

The web design and coding was made by Sean Lam and two friends Jason Chan and Andy Soh, these guys are also called Plate Interactive. I think the website is pretty awesome. The home page – an overview about the 11 tracks, each track has its own gif. When you click on a gif, you come to the single page with the gif in big, the song starts to play and you can read the lyrics. News are coming in via the facebook feed. An about page and the download page, two links to SoundCloud and facebook. Basically that is all you need. The website is clean, clear and user-friendly. It looks great and most important the music is really really good. I enjoy it a lot!

Walk The Talk by Hanging Up The Moon


You can now vote Hanging Up The Moon at TheFWA for a web award and they should definitely get it! And watch the mobile site as well!

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hanging up the moon