Mr. Stylespion is back

I guess most of you have seen that Kai aka Stylespion is back active online. I am really glad. He was once one of the reason why I started blogging. He blogged about my desk and that’s how it all started, I got more readers, got more in contact with people I know now pretty well.

In one of his latest blog posts he wrote about looking through photos from last year. That reminded me of my first analog photos. And there I found a photo I never published before. On the picture above you see Kai in action with his camera, it was shot during a ferry-trip in Hamburg with Steffen, Malte, Kai and me. I like the photo. Here it is in big.

Oh, and this morning I stumbled upon this video of Iceland. Somehow I always need to think of Kai when I see or hear Iceland. You know because of his project: Sonic Iceland (also with a lots of new stuff). The video below is nice, a beautiful scenery and amazing pictures.

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Mr. Stylespion is back