Sometimes I miss Hamburg

This blog post is just to make sure, that sometimes I really miss Hamburg. I miss the city, the people, the atmosphere. Hamburg is a special place. It is the city, where I lived for the longest time since I grew up in Düsseldorf. I lived in Regensburg for two years, in New York for one year and in Hamburg for almost four and a half years. Now I live in Lund for a year.

Since the first time I visited Hamburg, circa 10 years ago, I wanted to live in that city. I fell in love with the beauty and the ugliness of Hamburg. When people ask me here in Sweden where I am from, I answer “Hamburg”. It’s been my home for the last 4 1/2 years. I feel more connected to Hamburg than to any other place by now. Although I grew up in Düsseldorf and that is still the place where all my family lives and where most of my oldest friends live. But Düsseldorf is more native, in German you would call it “Heimat”. Hamburg is “Zuhause” – home.

When I was in New York this March I also felt that New York is still a place I really feel connected to, I navigate through the streets automatically, I remember things which happened to me at certain places. Things I saw, smelled, or heard – mostly beautiful memories. The same applies to Regensburg, although my memories are vanishing more and more. But I don’t know how to describe it, these places can’t be home, Hamburg is my home. Or can you have more “home”-places than one? And it’s becoming even weirder with getting a new home in Sweden.

I remember Igor wrote about a similar problem last year, although his situation was much more complex. And Igor finished with a nice sentence in his comments “It’s not the place that defines us, but the ideas and thoughts and the people that surround us.” Maybe that is the reason why I felt home here in Sweden within one week. My neighbors, my team-mates at Rugby, most important my girlfriend, who is with me the whole time. AND (via the web) I am still very connected to all the people wherever they are: Hamburg, Düsseldorf, or New York. Maybe that is also the reason why I feel home wherever I am, because I never really feel separated from my friends and family, but always gain new friends, from all over the world.

But still, I just wanted to make sure that even though I really like Sweden and especially Lund, sometimes I miss Hamburg. Especially when I find such beautiful photos, taken by some friends.

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Sometimes I miss Hamburg