These moments…

Do you know these moments, when you suddenly get this feeling that everything… yes, EVERYTHING is just fine? In fact, better than fine, I can use words like awesome, amazing, great, breathtaking, mesmerizing … and such. But by now I get sick of all these extreme words, which I use a lot within blogposts. Life is good. Point.

Yesterday I was running on a treadmill and suddenly the song Lower My Head by Daniel Lindlöf appeared on my iPhone. The song is part of the 27 Songs project of I’m from Barcelona. I reported about it here a while ago. And you can get the song for free here.

Anyways, I was running in the treadmill and just realized that everything in my life is fine. I am living in Lund, Sweden – the place is magic. I feel home, relaxed, and welcome. My girlfriend and I are living in a beautiful house in the best part of town, we have awesome neighbors. Although I am living in another country, I don’t feel like far away from my friends at home. In fact, many of them planned to visit, and I am looking forward to it. My job at elbdudler is more fulfilling and fun than ever. I heard some great news which will be reality at the end of the year, beginning 2012. Projects like are booming. Next week I will be in Frankfurt, I was invited by Mercedes to the IAA – International Motor Show. And it’s a lot of fun writing so many blog posts again! For example the cooperation with frog. (I hope you like it!?) I started playing Rugby, which is a great sport. We have an awesome team. This weekend is a very important game, so cross all your fingers!

In fact, just being in Sweden with my girl feels so great… I am almost sad that we have to leave someday again. But I know this feeling of coming home after a year, I am looking forward to that as well. But until then I will enjoy my time here.

Yep, that’s the feeling I got.

I hope you are doing fine as well!? Actually, I just bought the latest I’m from Barcelona album, you should too, it makes life better.

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  • Malte

    In Momenten wie diesen stelle ich die Tasche auf den Boden und rufe einfach mal kurz mein Glück auf der Straße heraus! Yeah – Danke für die Schubrakete!

  • Philip

    two and half years ago i had the chance to study for one semester at the IKDC in lund. i still recall these moments during this time, when i felt exactly that way… this feeling, that everything is perfect…not in a kitchy commercial kind of way, just that you feel that you wouldnt want to be at any other place, wouldnt want to change anything…magic is the perfect word to describe lund, i never felt at home so quickly as i did there. i think thats the reason that so many students come there, as everybody who goes there, keeps lund in his heart forever :)

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These moments…