BETTER better THAN worse

Sometimes you find yourself in a state of transformation. Right now, I feel kind of blocked or overwhelmed by the current situation. I am currently in a state of transformation on different levels: occupational, hobby wise, and personal.

1. We at elbdudler are currently working on some big changes. I can’t talk about it in detail, but it is an interesting time now. I am part of the agency since the very first moments and the developments we made are incredible. From 3 to 25 people within 18 months. We are a complete different company now compared to January 2010.

2. BETTER __ THAN __ is going well, perfectly. Well, the numbers could be better, but why should I complain? I get in contact with interesting people, I have a place to publish my thoughts and ideas, and I can discuss these ideas with you. Because of the big changes right now, I can’t find so much time for writing. I was travelling quite a lot, but I’ll try to change that. I want to write down the things I see, experience, have on my mind.

3. As mentioned in some blog posts before, I started playing Rugby here in Sweden. Our team won the league and the promotion. So we could play in Allsvenskan next season, the highest tier of rugby in Sweden. But we need to do some improvements. We need to transform, in order to play sufficiently in the upper class. In takes lot of effort, physically and mentally. Everybody of the team needs to commit/engage.

4. Just a few of you know that I am still studying. I am a student of Educational Science. And I was on the edge of quitting my studies. But I decided against it. I want to finish my studies. Basically talking to three different people made me change my mind. Thanks to Malte, Johannes, and most importantly my girlfriend. But also here I need a lot of commitment, endurance and focus.

Basically most of these transformations have to do with improvement. Of course, we want to be better. I want to work more productively, I/we want to play better Rugby, I want to improve this blog and I want to have a better education, position, status by finishing my diploma. All at the same time is difficult but I can manage it. I am is this situation now for a longer time, only sports joined in more than before. But I feel that I needed it. I just need to rearrange things, focus on different parts and I can make it.

Improvement has always to do with restructuring. Taking things apart, take a close look at every single piece and put it back together in a better way. Organizational work basically. Right now on every single level (work, sports, blog, life) I am in the situation of taking the things apart and analyzing the current situations. Of course I never do these things all by myself and I am glad that I have really good people who are helping me in these situations.

I am currently reading the book What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami. A great book about his life as a runner and writer and what these two things have in common. In one chapter Murakami breaks it down to three¬†components¬†that a runner as well as a writer needs to have: talent, focus and endurance (well summarized by Jocelyn K. Glei of 99%). It is a good book to read when you are in a situation like me. Well, I can’t tell if I have a talent for anything mentioned above, but without focus and endurance improvement will not be possible.
Another thing is conviction. One of the latest blog posts of design mind is called Why Conviction Drives Innovation More Than Creativity. The last sentence gets to the heart of it: “..a mixture of focus, engagement, and persuasion, more than creativity alone, is what brings ideas to market, and also to the right audiences at the right time.” Maybe I/we don’t want to bring ideas to the market but we want to stand behind what we are doing. So, conviction plays a huge role in improvement.

Oh well and one thing is most important: to get off my backside and start all this, making things, because it’s BETTER better THAN worse.

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BETTER better THAN worse