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Coffee, (e)books, and What else do you need? Well for my reading experiences lately I don’t need much more. Oh, of course I need the right sources. The book itself is easy. It is the old traditional way. Buy it, hold it in your hands, read it, and then think about it. The book from Haruki Murakami was mentioned within this blog a few times already. But how about those digital things? Where does the reading stuff come from? Well, that is the reason for this blog post – I want to give you some inspiration. Some of the things I consumed regularly lately.

When I was in the USA 2005/06 I read a lot. Really a lot. Two or three books a week. Honestly. I never read that much before or after. Although the TV program had much more to offer than in Germany, I rarely watched it. I fell in love with a beautiful book store in SoHo, Manhattan – Housing Works. It’s a thrift shop for books, it has comfy leather armchairs and a café. A good place to spend a few hours. I found this one book there (I won’t mention it now, I will write a separate post about it in the near future), it really connected me to reading, basically it was the reason why I fell in love with reading and books in general.

In the lastest time something similar happened to me with reading digital texts but not because of a certain text, blog post or article, but because of some technical and digital devices. Especially in combination these three things made me read more and better. Better in terms of reading the whole article not just wandering around it with my eyes. is the first step during my digital reading journey. Within this network/platform of reading suggestions I can find a lot of interesting articles. The quotes make me want to read the whole article, much better than just collected headlines. I can’t read all of these articles directly, so after I stumbled through an article and realized it’s worth reading it completely, I use the “Read Later” button of Instapaper. And Instapaper sends me all my new articles to my kindle each day. There I can read it anytime I want, take my time and enjoy it with a cup of coffee.

But I also share a lot of quotes/articles on And within the last time I added some really good new sources. I don’t want to keep them all for myself. I want to share. So here are some blogs, magazines that give me some good ideas, inspiration or are just really good readings.

The Fox Is Black – Bobby Solomon and his team are doing awesome work. Music, art, design, architecture, inspiration – all this is offered by the blog formerly knows as Kitsune Noir. A good side effect is that Bobby seems to be a really nice guy, who is absolutely passionate about what he is doing. Take a look at his Creative Morning talk from last year.

Fast Company – technology, economy, branding, social things, Fast Company is really good about giving you an insight into the current world. Especially the magazine Fast Co. Design is incredible.

What Consumes Me – Bud Caddell is more than strategic marketing consultant. The topic itself would be quite boring, but Bud adds things like general creativity, making, technology, web stuff… His point of view and his conclusions are really worth following this blog. – Mark Jensen works for Google and studied Business Economics and IT. He basically writes about stuff that comes into his mind, like me here on BETTER __ THAN __. Let it be music, ideas, movies, technical/digital devices, and he is a fan of Bill Murray. So am I.

Third Wave Berlin – My buddies Johannes, Igor and Peter are really doing a great job. They started their own agency and bring all their potentials into one big thing. But the good thing about them is they also don’t keep their thoughts for themselves. They share them on their blog. Let it be Weekly Notes, Reading Suggestions, or the interdependency of technology and society.

Visuelle Gedanken – The only German written blog I will mention today. Martin is a friend of mine and a colleague. And I really like the way his blog is developing. The main focus is on photography, I am not a huge photography person but he is able to write so passionate and interesting about this topic that I like reading it anyways. But sometimes Martin also writes about technical stuff, random ideas that fall into his head or just about himself. Sometimes I wish he would write more things like that!

What Katie Ate – Katie Quinn Davies is a professional food journalist and photographer from Sydney. Her stuff makes me want to cry. The food is amazing. Not only the visual and written reports about the dishes she created but also the dishes themselves. Mostly she puts together a whole menu within one blog post. Starters, drinks, main courses, deserts. The stories around the menus are great, the photos make you want to lick the screen. Example? Her 4th of July, a visual and culinary poem.

The Combined – Just yesterday I found The Combined,  a magazine style blog by Marcus Troy from Montreal and Nick J E from South California and Las Vegas. Nice format, interesting content, good photos, well written texts.

So, I guess that’s enough for now. You can find more under the section Network. But I would appreciate if you could add some good sources below in return. Any topic. I would like it even more if you could add a short note why you like the source or what it gives you.


(I just wanted to end an article once like Bobby Solomon of The Fox is Black, he always writes his name under the blogposts. I think it gives it all a more personal note.)

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Inspirational Sources