Steffen’s safe haven

A while back I wrote about having something like a safe haven, a place where you can go, be for yourself, read, write, think. A dream. And my friend Steffen found a place where you can do that: a little shelter, called Spreecamp Neustadt, in the middle of Lusatia. You never heard of Lusatia? Well, it is not a country – it is a region, which belongs to Germany and Poland. I could never imagine that I want to go there. But now I do, thanks to Steffen.

Steffen rented a little log cabin from Karsten in order to reset his mind. He wanted to be free from phone and internet, be able to enjoy silence and nature. It is funny, because Steffen’s home was already such a safe haven for Malte and me during our last visit. And he is looking for a place to rest? But I get it, it is not the place itself but more the situation. Being somewhere all by yourself and not being able to just walk a few meters to look up stuff on the iPhone etc. It is about not being distracted, from anything.

Being free from all that, at least for a few days, is good. You read it often that people want to make such trips, in order to reset their minds, get back energy and new ideas. I also found such a place and I can stay here in Sweden until next summer. But this extreme thing, being all by yourself, only you and your mind, really got my attention.

And now take a look at Steffen’s photos, read his blog post, if you can (it’s German), and tell me you don’t want to experience the same? Well, I want to.

All photos are under copyright of Steffen Böttcher. You can find more photos here.

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Steffen’s safe haven