A lovely day in Vienna

Two weeks ago I was once again invited by Mercedes. You might ask yourself why I always do that? Because it’s freakin’ awesome (and interesting). Since my first impression in April 2010 my picture of Mercedes-Benz didn’t loose a tiny bit of glance. The events are always perfectly organized and I always feel more than welcome. By now I am even friends with some of the team, which always take care of us (bloggers, journalists, editors).

The reason why I wrote this? The blog post The Good Life. Or: Why I should have become Lifestyle Blogger by Gerald made me thinking, I don’t want to have that kind of prostitution blog, where I get money for what I write. Well, I don’t get money, but travels, spending nights in amazing hotels, but most importantly I have a good time. Often with people from all over the world. And I guess that is something very different. I am able to enjoy something what I usually would not enjoy, and mainly I write about these experiences and not the big brand itself. Well enough said, now I want to report about a lovely day in Vienna.

Well, two weeks ago Malte and I went to Vienna. Mercedes invited us to make some test drives with their new B-Class. We drove: nice, fast, on road, off road, and mostly with some loud music. Malte and I had fun, for sure. The car is nice. I don’t know anything about the B-Class. I am not even a big car fan, but it was very interesting to see the developments of automobile engineering.

Basically Malte and I just cruised around the country side of Vienna. Here and there we mentioned different things and then we discussed about them. What could be the target group for such a car? What is their design purpose? But we also talked about details. A big issue was safety. I was impressed what kind of support you get in a brand new car. Here is an interesting picture by Mercedes summarizing all the “new” assistance and safety systems:

I didn’t know about the Lane Keeping Assist until I crossed the lane and felt a little vibration in the steering wheel. Great, but there was one thing that really amazed me. It is called the Blind Spot Assist. The idea is quite easy, the system checks if someone is in your blind spot, and if so, the exterior rear-view mirror shows you a tiny red alert (as you can see in the picture below). And when you are thinking about switching the lanes or want to overtake another car, AND someone is in your blind spot, you will be warned. As soon as you activate the indicator, a little alert sound warns you that someone is in your way. We tested it and it was great to see that driving can actually be really more effective or safe with these things.

Another thing was the media system. We were lucky all the test modells had a Harman Kardon sound system, once again we heard some nice electronic beats and hit the roads. But the system was impressive you were able to adjust the sound with a nice interface.

And besides all that technical stuff, we also enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Austria. On some pictures you can find a car, I won’t tell you where.

After the cruising and reviewing we had dinner on the 18th floor above Vienna. Malte and I talked to Jan Wiese, the Product Manager of the B-Class. We talked about things we couldn’t understand, asked questions about the design and talked about other stuff besides cars. Wolfgang Würth, responsible for Social Media Communications, is always a great guy to talk to. We share different passions, one is food. And I love talking about food when you sit in a nice restaurant above Vienna with a magical glass of wine, that never gets empty. Thank you for this great trip.

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  • Ciro

    What exactely is the difference between prostitution and the way you cherish that car?
    As for me, I cannot see any difference. They invite you to a fancy restaurant and let you testdrive their brandnew car and you are blogging it.

    On the other hand one must appreciate, while MB is not too motivated to offer modern hybrid cars for the masses or trying to lowering the fleets consumption – their Social Media Communications work perfectly.

    I am rather into the other articles you write with less hidden advertising.

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A lovely day in Vienna