Doing things the long, hard, stupid way

Frank Chimero is a illustrator, designer, educator and writer in Portland, Oregon. His blog is very well know in the design sphere. I recently read his article about a talk he gave at the amazing Do Lectures this year. (I reported about the Do Lectures a while back). Frank Chimero’s talk was called: Doing things the long, hard, stupid way. And I truly love the idea behind it. His metaphors (Fish and Rice) and the stories he tells are incredibly inspring.

You can see that Chimero is someone who loves what he is doing. Hearing him talking about writing, design and sharing makes me happy. He is the fish to my rice. And I am glad that he is sharing his fish with others, with me.
And he just gave me a huge gift: a personal story about how he sees his job and what he is doing. And his view about digital gift-giving is just overwhelming. He speaks what I think, what I am trying to tell you so often within this blog. Basically that is the reason why this blog exists.

And now head over to Do Lectures and watch his talk!

(But Frank Chimero gave me also more gifts. Via his blog I stumbled upon David Chang, chef at Momofuku. David Chang also edits a food magazine called Lucky Peach. And I definitely want to visit that restaurant now and get that magazine!)

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Doing things the long, hard, stupid way