The Shins are recording

Good news. For me: great news! I am a huge fan of James Mercer and The Shins. A while ago I posted about Annie Beedy, her stunning photos and her short interview with James Mercer. Well, I added Annie as a contact on flickr, because I really liked her art and it’s a great way to mention new works of photographers like her.

And just today I was looking through the newest photos of my “contacts”. And there was a photo of James Mercer with the description: “The Shins have been recording..working on their new record! I’ve been stopping by to take snaps. More on the blog.” I almost dropped out of my chair when I read this. I thought there was no more album of The Shins. During the announcements of Broken Bells I heard that James got tired of The Shins. Luckily not for good. Apparently they are back on track. And currently recording a new album. Annie Beedy visited the band in their studio and shot some amazing photos. Enjoy it!

Be sure to take a look at all her photos here! Oh and by the way take a look at Annie’s other works as well: on her blog, on her website and on flickr.

I am so looking forward to The Shin’s new album, yeeehaaa! And if the will come on tour next year any place in Europe, I will be there! It is so cool to find out about a new album of one of your favorite bands via flickr… Sometimes I just love you, internet!

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The Shins are recording