Water And Fog

Just a short note: travelling through Europe is amazing. In order to get from my current residence (Lund, Sweden) to the place where I am usually settled (Hamburg, Germany) you need to either fly, take a long car ride through another country (Denmark), or travel above the water. I think water is magical. You can sit there, watch into the deep blue thing and get lost for hours. At least I could do that.

Today I had to make a crazy trip. I took the train from Lund to Copenhagen, over the huge Øresund bridge . In Copenhagen I realized no train is running to Hamburg. I had to take a bus. Last bus left 5 minutes before. 2 hours waiting for the next bus. Bus ride until Rødby. In Rødby I switched to a train, just for a few minutes, in order to get onto the ferry. On the ferry you need to leave the train. 45 minutes boat ride through foggy weather. Back into the train. Train ride from Puttgarden to Hamburg.

Very exhausting. But spending 45 minutes on a ferry and staring at the rough sea was totally worth it.

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Water And Fog