We Are Fellows and Hypermarché

Malte Müller, aka Electricgecko, is a graphic and web designer based in Hamburg. I don’t know him very well, just via twitter, his blog and met him two or three times on the streets of Hamburg. He recently founded the design studio We Are Fellows together with Andreas Lexa, aka Frontplayer. I am totally impressed by the way Malte and Andreas present themselves. The website, a visual appealing collection of photos presenting the development of their studio. Almost every item shown on these pictures visualizes their love of design.

The logo and the covering Corporate Design is just beautiful: sleek, cut to the chase, sexy. I would say geometry and symmetry plays a big role in Malte’s designs. And I like that, it makes the visual appearance automatically organized and neat. It doesn’t make it boring at all. It somehow guides you. And I guess somehow design is supposed to do that.

In my opinion We Are Fellows is a good example of how design should be: it is consistent. All the single pieces of We Are Fellows you see, bring together a harmonious picture of the whole thing.

If you think now: “Man, you are just a fanboy!” Well, then let it be. I wish I had the design skills to bring together such a thing. I only have the ideas in mind but need to fall back on people who have these skills. I don’t know if BETTER __ THAN __ is now such a harmonious whole, I guess not since I am not a designer, but I am very happy how the blog, and everything around it, is developing and forms me.


Food, design, beer, party, coffee, lifestyle… Do I need to say more? These, among others, are words that describe Hypermarché.

We Are Fellows just announced their work for Hypermarché. Hypermarché (on FB) is a project by HERE WE GO, a creative event agency, which is also based in Hamburg. The idea behind Hypermarché is brilliant: “a temporary warehouse, café, bar, stage and platform. And most of all a good place in the the pre-Christmas season”. The place will be open from December 1st till the 24th. Open 24 hours a day, for 24 days. The place will include a shop with chosen products from fashion, lifestyle, interior, books, magazines, design, art.

I hope I will be able to see the final store. Right now, I am following the development via their facebook page.

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We Are Fellows and Hypermarché