Well, I must say I was really expecting a lot from the movie Drive. I consistently read good reviews about the movie. And especially after reading the reviews of two blogs, The Fox is Black and, I was thrilled to see the movie. And I was not disappointed! Quite the contrary, Drive was the best movie I’ve seen in ages, maybe the best movie this year.

It is quite difficult to put it into words. Mark is totally right: “Just go watch it.” BUT don’t “get it” somehow and watch it on your home tv or even on your laptop, this movie needs to be seen in a movie theater! The pictures and the soundtrack, both most important things of the movie, can’t be transferred on a “small” screen. If you have a good projector and good sound system – well, it might work but this is a “cinema movie”.

Ryan Gosling plays an outstanding role. Ice cold, but still passionate – makes him appear like the guy you wanna be. The girl, Carey Mulligan, is just lovely. Both together have incredible scenes. The slow-motion effect when Ryan Gosling carries Carey Mulligan’s son through the hallway and Carey walks a few meters behind them, watches with a smile at the two boys – just wow! Or the kissing scene in the elevator, before Ryan crashes another guy’s head with his foot – one of the best scenes in the whole movie. Always supported by an amazing soundtrack. Sometimes the driving scenes through LA reminded me of the movie Collateral. The camera effects – focussing, fading out, still shots, slow-motion – make the movie almost artistic, or saying it with Christina Stimpson’s words: “Borrowing style and pacing from film noir, and using the framework of a classic one last heist story, what emerges is a genuine love story between two unlikely neighbors that tugs at your heartstrings when it all goes wrong.” (

In fact, this movie is more than just high-class entertainment, these 100 minutes are art packed with action, love, good pictures and stunning sound. James Sallis (novel), Nicolas Winding Refn (director) and Cliff Martinez (music) did an amazing work. Thanks for that!

Just go watch it! And until then turn up the volume and enjoy this song from the movie:

Nightcall (feat. Lovefoxxx) by Kavinsky

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  • Lars

    I so agree on all points. I was completely taken by it and it was so different to what I expected. And I can’t stop listening to the soundtrack:)

  • Florian

    I’ve been looking forward to reading this review, thank you very much!

    Now I am even more eager to watch Drive in a cinema myself – unfortunately, none of the praised Berlin picture palaces seems to screen the original movie yet.

    Anyway, the song is fantastic! :)

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