Do you remember 2011?

Well, I think I am writing the last end-of-year-review But it is a good way. The year is over and I can write it with some reflective distance. Johannes, IgorMarcel, Martin, Steffen, and Clemens wrote their reviews already, also Instagram, The Madbury Club wrote interesting reviews. For me the year year was good, very good. Jobwise, personally and in any other way. My review is not ordered chronically, I decided to order it in different topics.


What a foodie year! I carried my love for sandwiches to extremes. The year started with a completely self-made Burger. And could have only been topped by a sandwich filled with steaks and flattened with self-brewed beer: The Shooter Sandwich. These two posts have also been my most successful posts so far. The Burger has 114 likes and the Shooter 415 likes on facebook. In Copenhagen I found my most favorite not-self-made sandwich: a pulled duck sandwich. I found it at the food market hall Torvehallerne KBH.

Besides sandwiches I also learned a crazy way to make pizza. My neighbor (the same one with whom I made the Shooter Sandwich) had the great idea to put a cast-iron pan upside-down into the oven and bake the pizza on top of it. The result was amazing. And it was the reason to get a pizza stone.I haven’t used it yet, but I will, SOON!

And I became a huge coffee fan. I fell in love with the black gold and want to know more about this delicious little bean. I just ordered the Aeropress and I am looking forward to prepare my first coffee with it.


I reported about the brilliance of and SoundCloud already. But there are several other tools I am using every day and I don’t want to miss them anymore. For example svpply. With svpply you can easily create visual wish lists of things you find in the internet. You go to a shop, love a shirt, would like to have it but don’t want (or can’t) order it right away, press the browser plugin, add some information and save it to your svpply list. I have a lot of stuff already in my list. I created different sets. A good thing is also that you can create private sets, that can’t be seen by others – so you can create a list of birthday ideas for others. Love it!

Another tool is instagram. I use it with such a pleasure it is hard to describe. People moan, that is has nothing to do with photogrpahy or even art. EXACTLY! For me, it has nothing to do with art. It is a way to share moments visually with others. And the even better thing is to be able to see moments of others from all over the world. A DJ touring through the world. A street art gallery owner, who visits the studios of world’s famous artists. A chef who takes photos of food. A designer running through the streets of NYC, and much more. Thereby I am connected to things and places I love, get inspiration and glimpses of other lives.

A tool that improved a lot during the year 2011 is foursquare. The location based service becomes more and more the tool I was looking for in summer last year. The possibility to add locations to different lists is awesome. But there are still things missing. For example not being able to take notes to locations.

One of my favorite tools is Path. It is the first tool, I use mostly for myself. It is not about connecting with others, it is great to see what others are doing but there are several other platforms for that. For me Path is more like a diary. I collect things I am doing. Sometimes I share it with other platforms as well, mostly not. I just added people to Path, I know well or at least like. People I feel good about that they read my stuff.


A little disappointing this year. I didn’t see so many live acts. I thought moving to Sweden would make it possible to see a lot of Scandinavian bands and artists, but in fact I didn’t go to one concert. In summer I went to the Open Source Festival with Malte and Jan, and we saw Jamie XX live. That was more less it. A good reason for a change this year! Any recommendations already? A new album by The Shins is coming out and the second album by The XX. I hope both of them are going on tour in Germany or at least anywhere in Europe.


I travelled a lot last year but mostly within Germany. Early last year I made a two week trip to New York (cooking) with my girlfriend, which was incredible. Then in August we moved to Sweden. I love it. Sweden and especially Lund is an oasis for the soul.

During the rest of the year I travelled to Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Vienna, Hochgurgl, Como, and I had an awesome trip with Malte during Heimplanet’s Cave Away Tour.


I am a materialist person, you can say that. Last year I bought some stuff I am really happy to own. Every time I use them, it makes me happy. One of the biggest projects last year was my bike. I still love this beauty and every mile I ride on it makes me smile.

I also purchased a weekender bag of QWSTION. Travelling makes you want to have good stuff, which makes travelling easier and enjoyable. This bag makes me enjoy travelling a lot. A blog post about this bag is following soon (I think).

Early December I got my new iPhone 4S. A device that makes life easier. Better? Well hard to answer, but I love this tool – so yes, it makes my life better. I love its camera, which is a huge thing for me. And with my iPhone I use many tools I mentioned above.

The secret behind my sandwiches: a contact grill by Tefal. This definitely makes my life better!

Random Stuff

In February I was part of the Cognitive Cities Conference in Berlin. It was a great experience to work together with Igor, Johannes and Peter of Third Wave, Edial, Kamiel, Floris and Guido of YourneighboursAxelMartinFabian. Awesome people, awesome event.

In July I finally got a complete make-over: BETTER __ THAN __ was born. I am still more than happy and so thankful for the outstanding work of Open Studio. and I am addicted of using my stickers all over the world. And seing the response of the people when I give them a business card is always a pleasure.

I started playing Rugby and fell in love with this game. Sport makes me better!

Got in contact with very cool and interesting people. One example is Taj Reid of wejetset. Looking forward to meet him in real life any time this year.

The most surprising and at the same time most important phone call came by Markus Albers. I can’t say more about it by now, but soon enough you will know why!


For sure, I forgot about 200 different things, but who cares? Well, I wish you all an amazing 2012! Hope to stay in contact with you and finally meet some of you in real life this year. Take care!

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Do you remember 2011?