Jeff Staple interviews Phillip Annand

That is cool. I am a huge fan of both people: Jeff Staple and Phillip Annand. I have written about both several times. The first blog post about Annand’s street line The Award Tour is now already more than three years old. And it’s cool to see that these guys permanently continue doing cool stuff. Finding an interview with these two men is already cool. But it surprises me, that Staple is interviewing Annand for Hypebeast’s Scholastic Survey. Just because Jeff Staple is already really successful and Phillip Annand is still a student. This interview is really cool and very inspiring. Seing someone like Annand talking about how he started blogging, where he is heading to and such. For me one thing is for sure: Phillip T. Annand will be successful, his stuff is just too good.

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Jeff Staple interviews Phillip Annand