The D.O.T. – Mike Skinner’s newest project

A few hours at Open Studio and I go home with a bag of new music. Like I wrote in my latest blog post, 2011 wasn’t my best year when it comes to music – I missed a lot. For example: The D.O.T. – Mike Skinner’s newest project. Mike Skinner is a genius. I am a big fan of his stuff and the way he communicates. Beat Stevie was a fun thing. I saw Mike Skinner aka The Streets live in October 2008. It was great. But The Streets are dead now. The D.O.T. was born. On the website you can find some songs, and other cool videos.

And I like it a lot! The music is different. Mike Skinner is now the man behind the mixer, that’s the place where he wants to be. Rob Harvey is now the man for the vocals. And his crazy voice fits perfect to the beats of Mike Skinner.

Kai of Open Studio showed me this video. Many of you may know it already. It is great. One take, funny. But the best thing is that Ghostpoet is also on the stage. His recitative and Rob Harvey’s vocals combined with Mike Skinner’s music yield something great.

On SoundCloud The D.O.T. published a complete set with 10 songs. by the d.o.t.

My favorite so far: Wrong Way Right Way

Oh, and I forgot. Watch this little documentary about the producer Mike Skinner by Vice/Red Bull.

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  • Hanseat-Unikat

    Endlich weiß ich was der Mike nun weiter treibt. Danke für die Infos!

    Auf seiner Abschiedstour letztes Jahr hatte er ja auch in Hamburg auf Kampnagel einen Abend lang residiert. Ich war vor Ort und den ganzen Tag hingebungsvoll auf der Suche nach einer Karte. Doch Pech gehabt, das Konzert war restlos ausverkauft. Da beneide ich dich schon irgendwie ein bisschen für das Vergnügen auf einem The Streets-Konzert gewesen zu sein! ;)

    (Wo ist denn Leo the Lion geblieben, mit dem Mike The Streets aufgezogen hat?)

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The D.O.T. – Mike Skinner’s newest project