Everything is amazing…

…and nobody is happy. Well, usually I would agree. but for the last few days it seems like everybody is happy. One main reason: the weather. People are in a good mood. After this “winter” and especially without a whole summer in 2011, it feels pretty great to run around in your tees, shades and spent life outside. And all this in March.

Yesterday Kai and I went to Darmstadt. We drove 2hrs 15mins back and forth to see Ólafur Arnalds. Nils Frahm was playing with him. At first he had a set of three or four songs and and then Ólafur came on stage. It is tough to describe it. It was definitely the most beautiful concert I have every been to. And “beautiful” is the best word to describe it. Ólafur’s songs seem to be perfect. Himself on the piano (and sometimes some echoes, loops and electric beats), a man on the violin and a woman playing the cello (I can’t find the right names). Ólafur is really entertaining and seems to be a nice guy. He made some jokes about people from Dresden having no musical talent. And he mentioned that he actually wrote the song Ljósið for a bath tub commercial.

If you like his music, you should watch the documentary The Sky May Be Falling… But The Stars Look Good On You (part I, II and III). There you can find out more about that musical genius Ólafur Arnalds.

Next week I will go to Berlin for a few days. One reason is to see The Shins live. Luckily I made a good deal on eBay and got a ticket after the show was sold out. Looking forward to see another musical genius, James Mercer with his band.

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Everything is amazing…