The Coffee Traveller

Coffee and travelling are two very important things in my life. Coffee just became important to me within the last 12 months. Within that time I developed a passion which can only be topped by the passion for sandwiches or my girlfriend. Travelling is a constant passion. Who doesn’t love travelling?

Natalie Hanke, a very talented interface and editiorial designer from Berlin, started a project which combines these two things: The Coffee Traveller. Basically her idea is to create a collaborative café guide for Europe.

“It’s actually quite easy: You live in a European country and love good coffee? And there is just this one perfect place you always go to, you love to hang out at, where the atmosphere is unique and the beverages are delicious? Well, then grab a pen and write a short description about that place to let all the people know why you love it so much! What makes it so special? Is it the coffee, the environment, the colours, the details? Maybe it’s even that one guy that always comes along at 2pm in the afternoon, takes out his violin and starts playing beautiful music that makes you love your place so much. Whatever it might be, tell me. Tell us. Tell the world”

Hell yeah. But just telling the world is not enough. Be creative! Send her some nice photographs, illustrations, sketches or tape a creative dance within your favorite coffee spot, do what ever you want. Natalie will choose the best stuff and create a little PDF and/or a one-page-version for the iPad.

Send her the stuff until May 31st, 2012. I know I will. More information, more first impressions here.

Coffee. Travelling. Collaborative. Inspiration. Everybody wins. The world needs more ideas like this.

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The Coffee Traveller