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2012 had some surprises for me. I got a job offer. Well, the job offer came already in 2011 but since January 15th I am part of the Product Design team of Deutsche Telekom. And I am doing what I can do best: communicate & network. Sharing the passion for things, bring people together and in the end: make good things. Leaving elbdudler was not easy, but sometimes in life you need to make a decision and I am still in contact with all the people.
And my new team is awesome. A lot of passionate, nerdy people, who love what they are doing. Looking forward to create some cool stuff with these guys and girls.

Back Home

For the job I moved back to Düsseldorf. My home town. This is the place where I was born and grew up. A lot of friends are still (or back again) here and most of my family lives here. So every day I comute between Düsseldorf and Bonn. It is cool. I like the hour of travelling.


But moving to Düsseldorf meant leaving Sweden. That was quite hard. But I am travelling a lot to Sweden, almost every second weekend. It feels good, having a second place to live, especially if that place is Sweden. And it is totally worth it, if your most important thing in life is in Sweden.

New Home

It is always exciting to move into a new place, even if the city you move to is more than familiar to you. Currently I moved into a friend’s place for a few months and in June I will move into my own apartment. Looking forward to it. Having your own place is always something completely different.

Besides Work

I am looking forward to March 24th. I will drive to Darmstadt with Kai of Open Studio to visit an Òlafur Arnalds concert. Since PressPausePlay, he is one of my favorite musicians. Especially for travelling. If you sit in an air plane, watch outside your window, see such, such, such, such, or such a scenery, a song of Òlafur Arnalds is a pretty awesome appendix. Try it:

Of course, I am still obsessed with food. Especially sandwiches. And lately I generated an addiction for Japanese food. Good to be in Düsseldorf. Here lives a huge Japanese population. And the most important street when it comes to Japanese food is just a 5 minutes walk away. Naniwa, for example, is an incredible place for Ramen.

I have a new project. A new old bike. My beautiful Bauer is still in Sweden. So, I needed a bike for Düsseldorf. The one you see above is just raw material. The colors are cool. But I want to do some changes. Most importantly it will get a Bike Porter of Copenhagen Parts. Then I can put my beautiful new bags (Jack Spade or QWSTION) into the basket.

Like I said I started to get obsessed with Japan in the last time. And I stumble upon really interesting stuff which mostly happen to be in Tokio or Kyoto. And that’s why Japan is definitely on my travel list for 2012. I am really jealous that Peter is already travelling to Japan this year.

Other Stuff

I want to mention a few things my mind is dealing with:

  • information consumption
  • serendipity
  • trends & patterns
  • coffee
  • interior & furnishing
  • conscious consumption
  • strategies

Expect some blog posts on these topics within the next weeks and months. And of course more about the topics mentioned within the rest of the blog post.

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