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Lund is a small town. Something about 80.000 citizens and 35.000 of them are students. But nonetheless, the culinary culture is so well developed, it’s hard to compare it to any other place I’ve been so far. Scandinavia in general has a high quality when it comes to culinary things (the best restaurant currently around is also supposed to be in Copenhagen – NOMA). But Lund, because of its high density of well educated and cultural interested people (University staff), has compared to its size a fantastic selection of restaurants, cafés and bars. And a lot of these cafés and restaurants sell one type of coffee: LOVE.

I’ve visited Daniel Remheden and Peter Frennhoff of LOVE coffee a while ago. It was very interesting to see where good coffe comes from and how it is made (at least the last few steps). We talked a lot about coffee, coffee culture, especially the differences between German, American, Japanese and Swedish/Scandinavian coffee culture. It is interesting how much the coffee cult developed so far. In a positive way? I guess so. It is not only about Starbucks and such, although they made it very big all around the world. But also the little coffee shops, roasters and barista culture than came afterwards: also known as the Third Coffee Wave.

LOVE coffee is maybe not the best example of this movement. Daniel and Peter have been in the coffee business for almost ten years. Daniel has been fourth best barista of the world in 2008. Both have been working in gastronomy and hotel business for a long time. Early 2010 they decided to produce their own coffee. Their beans are all from specialty coffee, a very high quality coffee. Their artisan way of making coffee was delightful to experience. The moment when they let the fresh roasted beans out of the roaster… that was a smell. Daniel tested the status of the beans almost every 20 seconds. He told me the timing is the most important thing about the roasting. You have to know exactly what to do at what time. Almost scientific art/craftsmanship.

The cool thing about them is, that they have this huge passion for coffee and everything around it, like the brewing and serving, but they also share their passion with pleasure.

And of course, we also tasted some coffee. A seasonal coffee in a french press and some espresso made in this amazing huge machine.

Oh, and by the way, these white tall coffee cups were amazing. I remember they were from Finland and hand made. I forgot the producer, but I will ask Peter and Daniel again.

Thanks Peter and Daniel for this great insight. And people, you can also buy the coffee online. It’s so delicious you should try it.

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LOVE coffee