Bear Pond Espresso

When it comes to coffee, there is a huge third wave and artisan movement going on in Japan. It’s basically their tradition to do everything until they reach “perfection”. There is no such thing as perfection but learning 7 years to make rice for sushi is beyond perfectionism.

Well, one of these Japanese coffe examples is Bear Pond Espresso – a small coffee shop in Tokyo. Between Bear Pond and me is something like love at first sight, I stumbled upon Katsuyuki Tanaka and his coffee bar already a while ago at the NY Times where you can find also a link to A Life Worth Eating’s great report about Bear Pond. I can’t wait to travel to Japan and sit daily at this coffee bar and talk to Tanaka. Why? Watch the video below and listen to him talking about stains.

“All of our coffee are harvested at the peak of their flavor. Our roasting techniques are designed to enhance the location, elevations, soils and climate that give each coffee a unique individuality.
These quality coffees are brewed to perfection with the espresso and coffee extraction arts of highly trained baristas.
We especially recommend our featured “Flower Child” espresso blend with a subtle flavor that is at once spicy, salty, and silky body mingled with the suggestion of a dark chocolate flavor.”

“I never change my style. We don’t care about other people – It’s a Bear Pond, totally different. Not only barista, not only science, not only data, not only experience, not only hippie – it’s a classic.”

That made me smile.

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Bear Pond Espresso