BETTER burger THAN fastfood

We all love burgers. Burgers are hip. Along with Sushi, Macarons, and Bubble Tea … But burgers are better, they taste better. Although they also have one downside as they are supposed to be bad for you. The bigger part of the so called ‘fastfood’ is not healthy at all. We want to change that.
Right on time for the first ‘Food Revolution Day‘ on May 19, Julia& Kai of OPEN STUDIO and I want to show you that making and enjoying ‘the mother of fastfood’ can also take a longer time. In slowfood manner we will make every single part of the burger by ourselves: the buns, the ketchup, the mayonnaise and – most importantly – the patties. We will even grind the beef with our own hands. And we will only use regional and organic ingredients.

The huge final will be a big BBQ to celebrate food. In our case: the best burgers we’ve ever had. Healthy? Not that much. But when you sin, you should do it least with respect – to yourself and to food.

So, stand up for real food and join us for the best burger possible: the self-made burger.


Date: Saturday, May 19th.
Place: OPEN STUDIO / Hoffeldstr. 46 / 40235 Düsseldorf

The event will be divided into 2 parts:

1.) The ‘Better Burger Than Fastfood’ workshop
Limited to 7 persons, apply here
Price: 10€ (will be completely donated to ‘Food Revolution Day’ – initiated by the Jamie Oliver Foundation)
Time: 14 – 17 h

2.) The ‘Better Burger Than Fastfood’ BBQ
Limited to 50 burgers (all earnings will also be donated to ‘Food Revolution Day’)
Time: 17h – open end

With support of Alte Metzgerei.


The awesome startup Gidsy teamed up with the Jamie Oliver Foundation to organize an event with one main focus: good food. The Food Revolution Day will take place in more than 100 cities in the world. All net funds (as well as our party earnings) will go towards food education through Jamie’s foundation projects in the US, UK and Australia.

“On May 19, individuals from all over the world will stand together to help change the way people eat. Through food education, skill sharing and workshops, you can help motivate others to stand up for their right to better food.”

Come along and enjoy with us one of the best things ever: food. And preparing food together, celebrating it with friends, drinking some cold beer and doing something good for people in need… honestly, what can be better?

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BETTER burger THAN fastfood