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As you may have noticed I need to wear glasses. But I prefer to say: I wear glasses. Of course I have to, otherwise I don’t see that good. I could wear contact lenses but I like glasses and especially the ones I have since I met Karsten of Optik Kittel. He has an incredible taste of glasses and sunglasses. He had Reiz before everyone was running around with them. If you ever make it to Düsseldorf check out his store in Heerdt.

One of his newest treasures is Kilsgaard. The Danish eyewear brand is working closely together with the design company Bonnelycke MDD from Århus, Denmark. They manufacture in Italy. Their glasses and sunglasses are beautiful, the matt black aluminium is so smooth. Every single detail is manufactured with such an accuracy, you can see it on the photos below (all shot by myself, which was really fun – see them in large on flickr).

“We think that good design has the courage to be simple. That’s why we’ve designed logical spectacle frames that are reliable and insist on elegant tech solutions. One screw makes up hinges and rim-lock and all frames are 100% aluminium – some combined with the finest acetate money can buy – light as a feather and strong as h….
The frames are designed in Denmark, produced in Italy, color-anodised back in Denmark and assembled and finalised in Italy; an expensive process necessary to maintain the high quality level desired. Anodising is a chemical process that colours and tempers the metal making it impossible for the paint to peel.”

I am now proud owner of the Kilsgaard Model 37.1/3 and the sunglasses Model 2.0 which are not able to buy. I have them now for two days and I am so happy. Jacob Kilsgaard – respect, you are doing a great job. Karsten, thanks for convincing me to buy them.

Model 37.1/3

Sunglasses Model 2.0

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Kilsgaard Eyewear