Korean BBQ Marinade

Roy Choi is the man behind Kogi BBQ – one of the most famous food trucks in LA. In year 2008 Roy started to sell Korean BBQ Tacos out of his food truck and brought street food to a next level. Yeah right, Korean BBQ Tacos!!! They describe it themselves as:

“Their short rib taco — two crisply griddled homemade corn tortillas, double-caramelized Korean barbecue, salsa roja, cilantro-onion-lime relish and a Nappa Romaine slaw tossed in a chili-soy vinaigrette — so iconic to Kogi, would soon become anointed as an L.A. classic.” (via kogibbq.com)

I am fascinated by Korean BBQ since I had my first one in New York 2005. It was delicious and it is a great experience to sit around the hot plate, try different ingredients with all these amazing marinades and prepare the dish right in front of yourself. Perfect. But Tacos? Filled with Korean BBQ Ribs? For me it’s like the premier league of food, the Kilimanjaro of culinaries. You know I love sandwiches – and this is the ultimate sandwich for me, on one level with self-made burgers.

Two days ago I saw Ailine Liefeld making Korean BBQ on instagram. I was wondering where she had the recipe from. But then I got a new idea.

For a few weeks now every once in a while I have been in contact with Rob Choi via twitter and instagram. So, who is the best person to ask for a recipe for a Korean BBQ marinade? Right. I send him a tweet and Roy answered, telling me that I should check out his blog on Monday. And now this:

Roy Choi posted a blog post about his experience with Germans. Funny anecdotes, about naked Germans, Bratwurst and –  of course – Soccer. But the best thing was a personal recipe recommendation to me. Here it is:

This is for you, Markus. It’s a little different than a traditional marinade. This one tastes almost like an emulsified tahini milkshake. Use it on vegetables or meats or anything. I hope you enjoy!

Korean BBQ Marinade

2 cups of soy sauce
1 whole onion, peeled, cored, and rough chopped
1 cup full of garlic cloves
1 full bunch of green onions, washed, trimmed, and rough chopped
1 cup of Aji Mirin (use sweet sake or rice vinegar if you cannot find, or omit)
2 cups of fresh squeezed orange juice
1/2 cup of sugar
1 cup of pure sesame oil
1/3 cup of toasted sesame seeds
1/2 of an Asian pear or apple (eat the other half yourself)
1 tablespoon of maple syrup
Pinch of black pepper
A splash of champagne or sparkling water or 7-up if you happen to be drinking. Just a tiny splash. If you are not drinking any of the three then don’t worry. Omit.

After you’ve done your due diligence in cleaning and prepping all the vegetables, please put it all in a blender and purée away!  That’s it.

Marinade ready for making friends all Summer long.

Spread the love.

Maybe next time I visit Germany it won’t be only CurryWurst I smell from the streets.


This is so super awesome, check out the post. I am so incredibly happy. I can’t wait for the next BBQ. I guess we will make on next Sunday. Saturday we have our burger event.

Dear, Roy Choi, I am grateful and honored by this blog post. If it is up to me, this could be the beginning of a great new friendship. And just to make sure:

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Korean BBQ Marinade