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Last week I received a package by Nikon. Inside was one of their new system cameras – the Nikon J1 (english). The package included the camera itself of course, a 10mm pancake and a 10-30mm lens. When I unpacked the camera, I was really surprised how good it looked. The color – matt black – is just classic, it valorizes the camera. The design in total is really nice. Sleek – the buttons are placed at the right places, every thing is nicely manufactured. A camera I am not ashamed of, running around with.

So, why did I get a camera? Nikon is interested if the camera – the J1 – is something for bloggers. So, they asked me to test it. And I did. In fact I was lucky to do it. I was looking for a camera a whole while now. I asked several times on twitter for recommendations in exactly that price range. I narrowed down the choice to these cameras: Fuji X10, Ricoh GR, Olympus PEN. I didn’t know the J1 existed. But then I got the offer to test it.

I need to mention that I don’t have a clue about photography. That’s why I always decided not to buy a DSLR. I have no idea what all these apertures, luminosity, shutter speed and all these other terms exactly mean. Well, I know what they mean but I have no clue how to combine them to get a decent photo. I am the biggest fan of the automatic setting. Steffen, Kai, Malte, and Martin tried to teach me this stuff several times now, but I can’t remember it. I don’t have the interest to do so. I want to click on a button and a have a nice photo in the end. I don’t do photos for the purpose of shooting photos. I take pictures to show something I am talking or mostly writing about. Most of the time I take photos with my iPhone 4S, but sometimes it isn’t enough, the result looks crappy and then I don’t want to use it. Now I have a better toy for that, the Nikon J1. But I won’t talk about the technical things. You can find them here if you need them, I will talk about using the camera.


Saturday I ran around the town and took a lot of photos. It wasn’t that fun to me, because I didn’t see any purpose in doing so. Until I found some decent motives, like food and coffee. I had fun taking photos of my dinner. I am more than happy with the results. And in fact using the camera is fun too. It is simple, simple enough for me. You can do a lot of stuff, RAW (+JPG) formats, HD movies (720/60p -1080/60i), and these new Motion Snapshots. At first I thought it was crap but it’s actually super nice for taking photos of moving stuff. The camera takes 20 pictures, offers you the best/sharpest 5 and saves them on the SD card.

The screen is damn fast, you see no delay between the actual movement and the things it shows on the screen. The menu is cool. Reduced to what I need. No stupid icons of portraits or anything.

If you want you can get a special lens for taking videos. Or a cool thing for Nikon DSRL users, you can buy the mount adapter and connect any kind of NIKKOR lens.

The build-in flash is cool. It reminds me of Number 5. I can’t tell if is any good, I didn’t use it so far.

But now to the important things. You know that I love to take pictures of food. So, this is the master class for me, the exclusion criterion. But the results speak for themselves. The 10-30mm lens is perfect for that. See for yourself:

I like it. The food looks good, it is nice to play with the manual focus. The colors are good, which you can see also here:


I am happy. I like the Nikon J1, the way it looks, feels and especially the results. So, is it a good camera for bloggers? Definitely. For me it is perfect. I am looking forward to the next times I can use it. The size is perfect to keep it with me all the time.

You don’t need to question my opinion. If the camera was crap, I would write it. But it’s not, and I am glad. Now I can write a good review and actually use the camera for the purpose Nikon asked me for.

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  • Jean/NOTCOT

    ooooh looks good ~ have any pics of the 10mm taking a pic of a room? curious to see how wide the widest looks :) been looking for an awesome super portable super wide!

  • Philipp

    Schöne homogene Bilder und super Farben. Nikon hats einfach drauf. Das Beste ist der Mountadapter. Allerdings wird das Teil wieder extrem Groß und dann kannst gleich mit der DSLR rumlaufen. Aber die Option ist natürlich nice.

  • Astrid

    really nice, have the Nikon1 J1 since December and looove it! Using it with the 10-30mm lens right now, would love to read more about the Pancake! Thanks for the review! :)

  • ww

    Nice to read this non-photo-review. :-)

    I just got the NEX-7 and use it with old Leica-M lenses, which I love, but still need some time to get things perfectly right.

    What about a photo competition? One day (=24h). Everyone a different camera, maybe a different car in one city …

    Just an idea, …

  • Markus Reuter

    @Astrid Any cool suggestions how to use it properly?

    @ww Nice idea! How about Copenhagen? I know the right place for dinner! ;)
    Anyway, I think the idea is really cool.

  • Robert Keay

    What a Re-Freshing Review ! I have thoroughly enjoyed this cool and calm appraisal !!! As an Older Generation Photographer from the Film Era , this experience was very Nice for Me !!! R E Keay Oh , I bought the Nikon J1 !!!

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Sponsored Post: Nikon J1