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Last week I received a very nice package. I was asked to join the team of AKG experts and to test the headphones K 550. When it comes to sound AKG is a world leading company. They produce microphones and headphones. From high-end professional equipment to casual street products. But they are always trying to accomplish one thing: the perfect sound. I was already convinced by the Q 460.

The AKG K 550 is a pair of high-performance closed-back headphones, it means that sound doesn’t resort outside. From the outside you don’t hear anything. And inside? The sound is incredible. I never heard something similar. As you can see the speakers are really big, which makes it possible that the ear cups completely cover your ear without putting any pressure on the ear itself but surround it. Thereby a small gap between ear and ear cup is created. The music and especially voices sounds thereby much clearer as if you had really good speakers next to your ears and not some headphones pressed onto your ears.

Last weekend I was sitting at home and listened to some music, I created a little playlist (more on that within the next days). I was sitting infront of my amplifier and put the headphones in. The sound was amazing. You can’t compare it to the sound creation of an iPhone. Much more sensitivity and a wider frequency range. Then I watched some TV but it was already late in the night, so I decided to keep my headphones on and it was really fun to watch a movie with such incredible headphones on.

The design is beautiful. Matte black with some black metal accents. They make a really good supplement to my new glasses. The manufacturing looks very high end. You can see that these are no headphones for 50€.

Today I took them with me to work. At first I used them during my train ride. And then within our office. I need to say, I was really looking forward to hear them within a crowded space. But the headphones don’t shield hundred procent from the sounds outside. That was a little disappointing. I thought you put them on and don’t hear any thing. But you do until you turn on the music. That is good, but there are always pauses between the songs and then you hear your colleagues or other people on the train.

So, I am not sure if I will use them for work or for listening to music at home where I can really appreciate the good sound and don’t need to use them for concentrating on my work. When I think about it, it makes much more sense to use them for listening to some fine tunes. And I won’t use them on the road. They are way to big and to heavy for me. I will use the Q 460 for this, they also have a microphone for phone calls. But I am looking forward to spend some more Sundays with these headphones and some nice music in my new living room.

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Sponsored Post: AKG K550