Keep Rolling

I have a new hobby: rolling. Just a few weeks ago my girlfriend and I got the chance to take this lovely scooter with us to Düsseldorf. The scooter is a Honda Lead from 1990. Almost a classic. Maybe not as “chic” as a Vespa but it is plenty of fun to cruise around with.

Last Sunday I took an easy trip through my hometown and ended up on the Rhine. Rolling around is really relaxing. The scooter drives 50 km/h maximum (ca. 30 mph). But it goes exactly 50, not 51 or even 53. Maybe that’s German accuracy realized by the TÜV (MOT). At first it was annoying that you can’t go 60 in order to keep up with the inner city speed (although the limit is 50 km/h). But once you calm down and realize that 50 is fast enough, especially if you don’t have a target you have to reach within in certain time (like during a Sunday afternoon cruise), 50 is just perfect.

I am thinking about getting my friends to buy a scooter. I want to start a gang. Like Hell’s Angels but without all the illegal stuff. But of course with lether vests (or maybe denim jackets), with bog batches, a club house and big parties. We will see, until then I will enjoy my Sunday afternoon cruises with the speed of 50 km/h.

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Keep Rolling